Up and Over

She's been to the bottom of the lowest ravine
Where she's spent the last few days
She's hurt worse than anything ever seen
But now the pain is finally going away.

For the first time in a quite a while
This woman is starting to rise from the ash
A phoenix reborn, she wears a fresh smile
Filled with strength, recovered from the crash.

It's high time this girl got off the ground
She's had enough of wallowing in self-sorrow
Her voice now calls out with a stronger sound—
She's finally looking forward to tomorrow.

Look at the sparks burning in her eyes!
It's about time her eyes held their former fire
She's decided now that she's done with the cries
She's adamant that this anguish finally has expired.

In her voice there is the echo of laughter
On her face there are signs of hope
This all coming many, many days after
She was convinced she could not cope.

But she's found the strength she had lost
She's found the life that she had lost long ago
She realized that no heartache is worth this cost
She's finally let the whole thing go.

A miraculous transformation has occurred today
This girl's finally gotten up and over it all
From the new path this child will not stray
She'll answer the future's newest call.