Trey woke the next morning, feeling a little sore from his late night activities. Slowly, he pulled from the bed, licking his lips and running a hand through his shaggy chestnut hair. All the events from the night before came rushing back to him, and he smiled, thinking about going to see Dean once more. He just couldn't wait, but he figured he should tell his parents where he was going so they wouldn't worry.

Quickly, he pulled on a pair of jeans and a light blue T-shirt before walking out of his room and into the kitchen. Something seemed off this morning, but he just couldn't quite put his finger on it. And then, it hit him. No one was home. His parents were both gone. They hadn't done that since they all moved into this place. Thinking they had found a hunt, Trey began to go through their files, searching for any clues on their whereabouts. His eyes snapped open, and the papers he had been holding fell out of his hands when he saw the address leading him to his parents. Dean's address.

Apparently, there have been some deaths in the area. Vampires. But Dean would never hurt anyone, and Trey knew that. However, his parents didn't. And they thought Dean was the reason behind these deaths. Quickly, Trey ran to the closet where they kept all their weapons. Oh, no! The weapon his father had acquired a couple years back that was said to be able to kill anything that walked this Earth was gone. Which meant his parents had it, and they were going after Dean with it.

Running from the house, Trey was determined to get to Dean's house before his parents did something they would regret. There was only one explanation for the deaths that were happening around the area, and that was Dean's father. He must have killed those people and then set up Dean. And Trey would be damned if he was going to let Dean get killed because of it. But if he didn't make it there in time, that was exactly what was going to happen, because he knew Dean wouldn't fight his parents. Due to the adrenaline in his body having been pumping in hyper-drive, he wasn't even out of breath by the time he got to Dean's apartment. There, he saw his parents' car and knew they had beat him here, but maybe he could still make it in time. Could still save the love of his life.

As he raced inside the building, he was stopped by his mother. She had been waiting downstairs to attack in case the fang got away. "Trey, what are you doing?!" she demanded. "You can't go up there. Get back to the house, now!" Again, she attempted to pull him back and keep him there, but he pulled away. Though not for long, as she grabbed him again and pulled him towards her.

"No, let me go!" he yelled, pulling as hard as he could as he tried to get away from her. When he couldn't get away, it lead him to believe the run had taken more out of him than he had thought. So, he did the only thing he could think of to do in hid current situation. Turning on her, he shook his head, tear-filled gaze locked on his mother. "I'm sorry," he whispered before he pulled his arm back and let it fly forward, putting so much force into that his mother fell to the ground, unconscious, a large purple bruise beginning to form already. But Trey didn't have time to dwell on that. He needed to get upstairs to Dean.

Pushing the door to Dean's apartment open, he saw Dean standing against the wall, Trey's father mere feet away from him, ready to land the killing blow. And Dean wasn't even blocking himself due to the fact that he probably had never heard of the weapon Trey's father was using and thought nothing out there could kill him. Well, he was wrong. Everything seemed to be going in slow motion as Trey watch his father pull the sword back, ready to thrust it deep into Dean's chest. "No!" he yelled, running for Dean and standing in front of him, blocking him from his father's deadly attack. That was when he felt the blinding white hot pain shoot through his chest and down his spine.

When Dean heard Trey scream, he turned his head, looking at him in confusion. But then he was in front of him, and his father thrust the sword towards Dean, and his brain didn't work fast enough to stop what was about to happen. As Trey fell backwards, Dean caught him, falling to his knees as Trey's legs gave out on him. "No," Dean breathed, slapping his hand over the wound in Trey's chest. "No, please, no." Applying pressure with one hand, Dean used his other hand to hold Trey's head up. "Trey, please, no."

The sword fell to the ground, slipping through Trey's father's numb fingers. "I-I didn't--" he stammered, standing stock still as he tried to understand what had just happened. One minute he was about to kill a vampire, and the next minute, he was pulling the sword out of his son's chest. And now, the same fang that he was about to kill was holding his son like he was the love of his life.

"Get out," Dean breathed as he felt Trey's father take a step closer to them. He knew he wasn't going to leave, though, so he snarled at him, fangs showing as his eyes turned jet black. "Get out!" he yelled, making sure the other man knew he meant business. And when he left, Dean turned his attention back to his lover.

Trey's breathing was shallow and forced, it seemed, and Dean had to hold back the tears. "Trey, hey, look at me." Slowly, champagne hazel locked with jade green, unfocused and almost vacant. "Yeah, that's it, keep looking at me. Stay awake, okay baby?" When Dean noticed Trey's eyes slipping closed, he shook him. "Hey! Don't. You promised. You promised me you wouldn't leave me. Promised you were going to still be with me when you were old and decrepit. You're not either of those, so stay with me. Like you promised." Again, Trey's eyes slipped closed, only this time when Dean shook him, they didn't open.

Tears slipped down Dean's face as he heard Trey's heart slow, slow, until it finally stopped. Shaking his head, he pulled Trey's lifeless body into a tight embrace, crying against his lover's shoulder. "Trey, please, no," he cried, rocking back and forth. This was his fault. If Dean had just stayed away from him when he had the chance, Trey would still be alive. But Dean had to be selfish and go back to see him. Go back and be with him. And now, Trey had been forced to pay the price.

Dean didn't know how long he held onto Trey's body, but when he finally let go, Trey was pale and cold. Why had he tried to stop his father from stabbing Dean? He would have rather died than Trey. Because now, he was alone. The love of his life was dead on his living room floor, and Dean was staring down eternity alone.



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