Luke existed first. It was his name that was printed in the birth certificate, and his cries that his parents heard when he was a baby. It was Luke who made the first friends, who got dirty playing in the backyard, and who ate anything that came within his little hand's reach.

Lucy came later (or was she already there?). At first, her presence was not very strong and went unnoticed. She grew with Luke, side by side, at least in the beginning. Lucy and Luke's existence was still somewhat blurred; they were yet to understand why they needed to separate. The realisation came slowly by observing other people at school, in the streets, at home. They were different from everybody else, and unfortunately that meant they could no longer stay together.

Luke watched Lucy grow more independent, but did nothing to stop her. She always spoke her mind and acted as she pleased. Lucy could not ignore her other half, but the stronger she became, the easiest it was to conceal him.

Lucy, to an extent, was able to make peace with Luke. There was, after all, nothing they could do to solve their differences, at least for the time being. It was better to learn to live with the differences than to suffer because of them.

Luke understood that, even though he had been there from the beginning, that he was there first, he was not going to stay to the end. He accepted surprisingly well the fact that he would someday disappear as suddenly as Lucy had first entered his life (Well, maybe not that suddenly, it would be a long and painful process of taking away the parts that made up his identity and forming new ones that would strengthen Lucy's). When that time came he would become just a memory, surviving in pictures and tales of the past, but no longer a physical presence.

Lucy was delighted to learn she could get rid of Luke. She was by then so independent that their peace was beginning to wave. For the most part, Luke behaved well and kept his discretion. There were moments, however, in which he could not control himself, and not even Lucy could stop him from showing his true nature. Lucy would feel ashamed and sad, and blame Luke for everything; even hate him sometimes. She would say she hated the things associated with him, the things she could not yet control. They would fight and, even if Lucy always emerged victorious, they would both carry battle wounds.

But in the end there would always be peace. For all the hardship, all the fights, all the crises, Lucy was happy with who she was, maybe even proud of once having Luke by her side. Sometimes she wondered if she would miss him when he was finally gone, but funny enough it was Luke himself who dismissed this idea. He would be gone someday, and Lucy would be so happy that she would not think of him anymore.

And I really didn't.