Totally The Jitters

By: Flipper66

Story Synopsis: About a country boy from Tennessee who moves to Florida and what happens to him there.

Chapter 1

Phil Tritt woke up early on Monday morning dreading his first day at school. His family moved from a small town called Licksburg, Tennessee . It was a small town of about 800 people , according to the last census taken. Which many worked for the micro-chip company that had a small factory there. So basically everyone knew each other almost by first name.

However his family, due to a company promotion , sent his father to Ft. Lauderdale ,Fl. To head up the newly formed branch of the company there. They moved just shortly after the summer break began and as of yet Phil had not had much contact with anyone from the school he'd be attending.

Phil knew that his quiet , shy nature was and has been one of his major downfalls as far as making friends. Which even back in his home town was very few. Its not that he was bad looking or anything, he stood 5 ft. eleven inches dark brown to the point it almost looked black. Extremely blue eyes that had gold flecks and weighed in at 197 pounds. He also worked out at the school gym back home so he had a rather buff body which he hid by wearing bulky clothes most of the time. Because of the work outs he had developed a rather nice pecks and 6 pack . With a rather nice looking sun tan because he liked working out doors on his families farm up until they sold it to move here.

He finally sat up and put his feet on the tile floor ,rubbing his eyes trying to get the sleep out of them and then briskly started scruffing his longish shoulder length hair . He stood up and padded to the shower. Afterwards he slowly got dressed in a light blue polo shirt and dark blue dress pants with light blue socks and white tennis shoes.

He took a look at himself in the full length mirror in his room and decided that it would be adequate . He could get away with wearing bulky clothes in Tennessee but here in Florida that wasn't going to be possible at present because the tempatures were in the mid to high 80's and very humid. Phil was still unsure of what this first day in school was going to be like especially in a totally new environment. He had found out that the High School he'd be attending was only a 10 minute drive from his house. He found the parking lot and found a parking spot about midway in.