Just a Friend

I wake up in the morning and all I wish is to see your beautiful face

The face of an angel, so perfect and serene…so conspicuous and out of place

For there is nothing on this earth that has such an effect on my heart

Butterflies when you're near, an agony when we're apart

But somehow you just never see just how much I love you

You go after others who treat you like trash who leave you broken and screwed

I stay by you, just a friend, closer than most but not enough

I'm barely sustained with friendship, overwhelmed for your eager touch

I will continue to stay here, praying one day you will realize

That we complete each other, our hands belong forever intertwined

I will pick up the broken pieces of your heart as many times as you need

I will dry your tears when you cry, clean your cuts that bleed

I promise to be just your friend, if that's what it takes to be more

Or even if it's like this forever … I'd go through this pain again and again

Forever…a million times more…