Dear Stephanie

Dear Stephanie,

Please excuse the informality of this letter considering we have never met, but we would like to offer you our deepest appreciation for the favor that you have committed, albiet unknowningly, in the name of the ilk of which we belong. By your doing, through your words, you have single-handedly brought into the darkness the life and light upon which our species thrive. You have constructed a universe that did not exist for us once upon a time. Before, we kept to the shadows. Before, we were mere silhouettes to be feared within the stories of humanity. Stalkers of the night. Condemned and damned. Cursed with a hunger quenched only by the blood of the prey that prayed to an unmerciful God. A God unkind that we abhorred and who, in turn, abhorred our kind. For untold millenium, we existed as figments of imagination to most. To some, when our hunger required sating, we were their last moment of breath. We were the fear of the hunted. Occasionally, however, we became the hunted when discovered and then destroyed. But that seldom happened and when it did, the stories of those hunts and the creatures hunted soon fell into fable, myth, and legend. We prefered our lives this way. It was safer for us to stay in the darkness. To hide and hunt within the blackness of night. To continue, in essence, living an undetectable undeath.

But now, due to your books and the subsequent movies that follow, we have been given a new life. One where we do not need to hide anymore. Where the hunt has now evolved into something else. Though we must still remain creatures of the night, that darkness is now illuminated by the knowledge of our existence. A knowledge devoid of fear and loathing. A knowledge that is now laced with longing and desire. Because of your words, we now have young, supple human flesh lusting after us with an askewed view of romantic notions. They seek us out in droves searching for that moment that they might find us wanting them. Wanting love. Wanting the dark kiss so that they may be with us forever. We no longer must struggle to survive by hunting the destitute and the lost wandering around in the night. Now, our sustenance comes to us wanting that connection that you have implanted in their minds. What they get, however, and what a surprise it is, are fangs buried within their necks and the realization at that moment that they have been deceived by a notion that we find a longing within our hearts for their humanity and its brevity. Hearts blackened and rotted can feel nothing. What they get is a tormented death and the realization as they lay dying with their throats ripped open that they have been misled and betrayed. You have led them astray and so they come. They come and they come and they come and we feast and continue to do so. It has become akin to shooting fish in a barrel to quote a humanistic phrase. We are deeply in your debt for this. Our gratititude exceeds anything we could actually do for you within this world.

So, to sum things up, please continue doing what you are doing. We appreciate all that you have accomplished and wish to see more in the future. Kudos on a job well done. The darkness welcomes you and your kind.

Truly indebted,