Nightmare Dead

It all started with an eruption—
An explosion that rocked the world
A love now twisted with corruption
Shook two lovers to the very soul.

And then it happened in a flash!
The sky let loose with awful screams
An attack is released, the victims are thrashed
Their blood pouring in gushing streams.

She twisted and writhed in the utmost pain
But couldn't escape the vicious onslaught
Killed is the girl with a gash to the brain
He tries to run away, but he has forgot

That the demons have spied him running away
They leap forward and throw him to the ground
Holding him down and forcing him to stay
Ripping his throat so he can't make a sound.

And just like that, these two lovers have died
And just like that, their world is shattered
Because there was nowhere these two could hide
Their hearts on the ground now are spattered.

But the hearts continue to pulse relentlessly
Throbbing, gushing masses of bleeding romance
Spurting out gasping streams of blood incessantly
Still holding on for perhaps a second chance.

Their bodies are torn completely to shreds
Their limbs scattered across the barren lands
And while physically so, these souls aren't dead
They wish they could make the other understand

That these sacrifices didn't have to be made
That these ghastly murders didn't have to occur
The hearts still pound, hoping to be saved
And then from the depths, a light begins to stir

A ray of light lunges out from the crimson dirt
And forces its way to the haven in the sky
Finds the wandering souls and eases all of the hurt
Healing the wounds that made them both say goodbye.

Their bodies are renewed and brought back to being
With the insertion of the hearts that refused to expire
Nobody could believe what they were seeing...
These two lost souls began again to respire!

They sat upright, eyes meeting and holding gaze
Since the death that threw them so far apart
They held each other tight for the first time in days
Never feeling luckier for a chance to restart.

In her eyes, the spilling of overjoyed tears
With a gentle hand, he wipes them from her face
He reassures her now of all of their future years
Together as one, never again to be displaced.

Together they rise and look up at the day
For the first time in ages, two sincere smiles
It felt like it had been forever they were astray
And the journey was one of a million miles

But in the end, like a tale of fantasy
Together they had seen all of it through.
And now together they will always be
Spending eternity in a love so true.

Finally at night they will have a peaceful sleep
When they settle together and rest their heads
Spinning out of control forever in a love so deep
Now that the horrible nightmare is dead.