Butterscotch brownies

One bite, your brain melts into a puddle of delirious joy. Two bites and you're hooked.

Unlike a cookie, which oozes into your mouth with every chocolaty, melty bite, these fall to crumbly pieces that each has its own warm, sweet flavor. You can't help but savor each and every bite as it fills your senses with delight and pure, unadulterated bliss. When you finish sugar coats your lips and you lick them several times to taste the last of it on your tongue. Your mouth waters and you know that you must have another or suffer the consequences: a funny taste that is the transfer from delicious to normal mouth flavor.

The second is even more delectable than the first. It goes by faster. When it's gone you wonder how you managed to gobble it up so fast, as though you were a child being fed butterscotch candies from a favored grandpa. You take a third, then a forth. Soon, like the ants, they are marching one by one into the gaping maw you call a mouth.

You reach for your eleventh—or is it twelfth? But instead of feeling the paper-smooth texture you are seeking your hand encounters something hard and metallic and covered with crumbs. Looking down you see something that deep down you have been dreading since you took that first bite. They are gone.

Mouth suddenly sticky and bitter, you glance frantically around the kitchen for something to help. An insidious craving starts at the back of your throat and crawls into your mouth.

You try drinking water, then milk, but nothing can wash away the intense longing that resides under your tongue. Desperation circles your brownie-fogged mind like vultures circling a dead rabbit. There has to be some way out of this.

A knock on the door interrupts your frenzied musings. You shout that it's open and your mother comes in, a covered dish in her hands. She smiles and tells you she's brought a treat.

Giddy with excitement and anticipation, ready to end the tenacious craving, you uncover the beautifully decorated dish. Your hand already poised to dive in for the first scrumptious treat. The lid comes off and you freeze.

What she has brought you is carrots.