Dead Tired

Walking leisurely to the bus stop

Stopping occasionally to look at the scenery

Blues skies, cloudy clouds

What a great day?

Enter the cafeteria

Chat with friends and laugh about the teachers

7th graders get called first

Drown out voices, and lean my head back

Until I hear my named called


Sluggishly walk to the line

Backpack slung over my shoulder

Clothes still spotless

Shoes not scuffed…yet

Take a seat in the middle of class

So much for hiding, I guess

Ms. Whatever her name is starts introductions

I lean back and close my eyes

Willing myself to be anywhere, than here

I'm not the only one

Many kids protest as they take their seats

Stomping to their seats

Acting more like nine year olds than 13

Class dismissed

First out the door

Next door, Mr. Hotness, hands out index cards

I fill it out and try to sleep

Only to be awoken by my 'dearest' friend

Hand index cards in and start to watch Mr. Hotness steps,

Like a hawk

None of my other classes are important

So I won't add them

12:45 bell rings, classes are dismissed

I rush down the steps and into the cool breeze

Rush to my bus

And pick on 7th graders

Everyone boards the bus, and the fun begins