She Who Saw Beautiful Things

She who saw beautiful things once said,

That she could see the life within the dead.

She saw the glimmer of truth in lies,

She saw the earth in the bright blue skies.

She turned to me with awe and wonder,

Watching the lightning, hearing the thunder.

Waiting for her telephone to ring,

She who saw beautiful things.

She watched the sands of time fall fast,

Slipping down the sides of the hourglass.

She watched the seasons change with glee,

Yet her eyes were filled with mystery.

It seemed as though she looked into your soul,

A source of heat in an ocean of cold.

Waiting for the angels to sing,

She who saw beautiful things.

She was the light hidden in the dark,

Within her eyes there was always a spark.

She was the yin and she was the yang,

And when she smiled, the bluebirds sang.

She had no worry, she had no fear,

She had no panic, though Death was near.

Waiting for the answers life would bring,

She who saw beautiful things.

She saw the excuses I was trying to make,

Remained unshaken when she heard my heart break.

Knew that I meant it when I apologized,

Like she read my mind when she looked into my eyes.

Her grace has helped injured birds to fly,

Her innocence has made the strongest men cry.

While she was waiting and wondering,

She who saw beautiful things.

Jason Do