Such a quiet girl, I hear them say,

Speaking only when spoken to,

Head bent down, working her best,

Hidden behind a book,

Nothing to stop her studying,

No-one to distract her from her task,

Open-minded, fully concentrated,

Determined and trustworthy.

A summer passes,

She's changed, they say,

No longer a little girl in a large world,

She's grown to take what life throws at her,

And no longer is she the one who never talks,

Cracking a joke here, getting into a game there,

Nothing's the same anymore,

And she knows it's just the beginning,

There's still so much to do before the end,

She thought this would be a good place to start,

A new leaf for a new year.

They're all more than startled,

At the sudden change in her,

They expected the meek little kid,

Not this older, more stubborn girl.

Answering back, don't mess with her,

She's still working to impress,

But you won't notice it behind the facade she puts on..