On Stage

Oct. 3, 2009


You're standing tall, arms outstretched, voice, travelling through the air like a hot knife through 's nothing better than this.

"I don't want this to end this way,…."

Lights bright from high above, the air is silent and empty, waiting for you to control it, and take a hold of it again.

" I never meant to cause you harm, but…."

He takes a step forward, sorrow and anger, present on his face. You watch, lungs feeling weak after it's use. Your expression is placed perfectly, it fits in right with his. You look out into the darkness while he speaks, watch and wonder, and wait.

"…but I always knew it was coming, you can't avoid that."

He's sitting now, less angry, less loud. Mostly silent. You're waiting and waiting, the suspense seems so strange, something you've never noticed before.

"So I just want you to know, I mean, it's nothing important…"

He gets up again, you can hear the footsteps, echoing off of the black wood floors; echoing into the silence. You expect to hear voices, or whispers, or anything to dampen the silence, but nothing. Still, you wait.

" …it's just that these last few years, you've been such a good friend to me…"

You turn, and there's tears, tears red and true. He must be sad. Isn't he? There's a goodbye coming, and you both know it. It's in the air.

" I don't want this to happen…"

You don't know when or how, but time moves on, and so do you.

" I don't want this to end this way…"

You're silent still, as always. You're listening intently to know, you need to know.

" But there's always an end to everything."

*click* *boom*

Silent now.

You're as silent as always.

And he leaves the room, while you're still bleeding.

You lay there still, as still as you can, pain painted so clearly on your face.

It's all for them.


Applause grows loud in the audience. Cheers and encores, roses and smiles.

You're still laying there, unable to smile.

The curtain closes, and you finally get up. This night is over, and at an end.

You stand tall, take a bow and leave. Ready for tomorrow, as you play another end.

Steal another's sorrow, make a movie of their tragedy's.

Gain applause from what is sadness.

This is you, it's all you know.

You're a thief of everyone's lives. Stealing them, to give to others, so that they can laugh and cry, and pretend they understand, but now that the show's over, who's really the actor?