I arrive at my town

Set all my equipment down

Overstayed my hero's welcome

No one comes to see my crowns

I go home, watch TV

Nothing's getting through to me

All this pointless, fake, adventure

Doesn't make good company


Flick it off, close my eyes

Wait for dreams, wanting lies

Hoping someday I'll forget

For only a moment the day I left


Left my backpack by the front door

Climbed the stairs up to my room

Searched my soul to find a small trace

How'd it get so far so soon?

Left my spirit by the first route

'Cause it's all so quiet here

Left my backpack by the front door

It's been lying there three years


Bottomless hourglass

No one knew it wouldn't last

By the time you see the sand fall

It's too late to turn it back

Here I am at my home

By myself, but not alone

Like I was with all the people

Too afraid to touch my throne


You come in, we lock eyes

I can't fall, you can't rise

When you see there's no way but down

You will have nothing but to turn around


Watch TV and eat a burger

Climb the stairs and set up dolls

Take some money from your mother

Hoping that it ends her calls

Left your soul down at the ruins

All the puzzles have been solved

Somehow you got left behind when

All the world around evolved


Rising up to our knees

All the newness, like the seas

Thrashes us as we talk

Strips away at our rock

Though we cling to what we know

Saying it will all be fine

This rock, too, will wash up someday

Broken down, sands of time