I hate how they can make it so one plus one always equals two. I hate how whenever I'm doing math homework I can always find the value of x or z or s or b or whatever variable they've decided to use. I despise how my hand begins to wander across the page writing numbers and solving problems in perfect script. Math is annoying, I can solve it, but I can't solve my real problems. I can't add you and me together and get one; it'd be great for things to be that simple. It bugs me that I don't know if your love for me is greater than or less than your love for her.


I hate it when I go to the beach and whatever I make in the sand disappears. I could write a song in the sand and no one would ever hear it. I could build a sand castle only to have the armies of wind and water evade my palace's walls and burst down the door to destroy all that I have created. I could draw a face with up turned lips only to have dirty feet covered with scattered layers of more sand walk right over it smearing the smile to evade it of all emotions. It's horrible that sand is a sensible demonstration of how nothing ever lasts forever.


I hate when I wake up and feel like disappearing from the world the sun still rises. The whole day is sunny, but I go around with a frown plastered to my face. All the clouds decide to leave the sky and find a home in my mind, stormy, thunder clouds. I hate how on those days the grass seems to be greener and I feel dead. I hate how I can't change the world and the forces of nature into my own reflection so everything can just fit together and I can just feel at peace.


I hate reading books. I hate how in the end the main character always finds happiness. It's hard knowing that imaginary people can get love, fame, treasure, knowledge, and adventure when I can't find anything in my loveless, normal, dusty, stupid, boring world. I find it unfair that they can find a way to break the rules and win, when I get grounded for merely speaking my mind.


I hate Ferris wheels. They remind me of cycles, never ending cycles. Circles that never change. You go around until you have to get off, and in life getting off is complicated. Everything stays the same in cycles. Nothing changes. Ever. I hate that, I hate going through the same thing everyday of every week of every year of every lifetime. It's boring, it's simple, too simple, too normal, too grey, too dull.


I hate time. I need more hours in weekends so I can have a longer break, more time to write and relax. I want school and work to fly by, so I can go home and do something I actually want to do. Not something I force myself to do everyday with a smile just so I can get some money that someone else takes from me with the job they force themselves to do with another painted on smile identical to mine. I hate that I have to wait so long to learn from my mistakes and wait even longer to actually understand what I've learned.


I hate sunsets. I hate how colors dance across the sky so gracefully and I continue to trip over my feet and my words so carelessly. Sunsets are the border between night and day, and honestly I don't like waiting for night to come. Night needs to come faster. I hate how sunsets remind me of the passion I once felt before I realized my passion meant nothing to the world, that my words were useless to the entire human race and all other carbon copies from diamonds to pencil lead.


I love how I can never add up how you feel about me, how I can never subtract her from your life, but I still love the risk of leaving my heart in your hands. I love how nothing lasts forever, so I can treasure everything while I have it and I can know that my sadness will always come to an end. I love waking up in a bad mood and I see the sun shining, it's like a sign of hope. I love to read, I love how it sends me to a different universe where everything always ends up fine, it reminds me of life. I love Ferris wheels, I love having my feet off the ground and looking out at a world I can't see from my view as an ant. I love the sands of time. I love how they never slow down or speed up and I can always have time to learn, make a mistake in a split second, and learn something else. I absolutely love sunsets. I love how no matter where we are or who we are, we always see the sky at its best under the same sun, it lets me know that everyone has a chance to do something wonderful.