So Mr. Charming-
Prince Charming
(If I may)
I've got a small
That begs for an answer.

What happened to you?

Did the crown get too small?
Or did the ego
You've always drawn a crowd
But why use it now to hide yourself?

I'm assuming pomp and circumstance
Gave way to genuine care
But perhaps it was all a game
Of royal proportions

You could have governed an empire
Instead, you burned bridges and towns
And entertain the wealthy now.
You may feast on the spoils
But who bakes your bread Charming?

Were you ever a frog Prince Charming?
With humbler goals and ideas?
Many princesses kissed you
But you remain a toad inside.

The glass slipper cracked
So you sent your queen away
You know she is most loved
By the lowly peasants you scorn

What I don't understand
Mr. Prince Charming
Is the shift in your reign:
A religious conversion?
Or perhaps something
More sinister.

Do you hear that faint sound?
Your people are calling
Those who loved you are hungry
But you won't give them food

Instead you give them ceremony
But they shake their heads in sadness
You can't nourish the soul
On empty promises my liege.

Keep waving and smiling
You'll need that much now
For soon your kingdom
Will house nothing but vultures.