Nick slipped his key into his back pocket locked the front door behind him and shrugged off his jacket as Annie trotted out from the kitchen tail bobbing happily. Nick knelt scoping her off of the floor chuckling at her low roar of a purr as he carried her back into the kitchen.

"Nick, is that you?" Nick glanced back in the general direction of the entry and Joshua's voice as he scanned the contents of the fridge, Annie rubbing her head against his chest.

"Yeah." He called back as Joshua's footsteps sounded on the stairs.

"Your home early." Joshua observed glancing at the clock on the stove as he came into the kitchen. Nick nodded closing the fridge without getting anything out.

"I didn't have much to do today." He explained smiling faintly as Joshua leant in giving him his customary welcome home kiss. "Where's April?" she had usually made an appearance by then.

"Play date," Joshua grinned, "We've got the house until six." Nick's smile didn't match Joshua's, though there was a spark of excitement in his eyes. He let Annie jump from his arms before he leaned up to kiss Joshua, pressing his body against the other mans, hands running over familiar shoulders. He nudged him slowly toward the entry smirking slightly when Joshua seemed to get the picture and began stumbling clumsily up the stairs. They fell over each other laughing around kisses as they tripped down the hall, Joshua feeling their way to the bedroom, determined not to pull away. They slammed into the door to the master bedroom carelessly, nearly falling through when Joshua's fumbling grasp suddenly managed to push it open. Nick laughed as he nibbled Joshua's lower lip dragging him down onto his large mattress, nudging him with his knees until he slipped between his legs with a soft groan. Joshua's body heat made Nick writhe, lips moving more fervently against Joshua's as he began to grapple with his belt.

"Wait," Joshua breathed. Nick stilled, taking a deep breath before he pushed out from beneath Joshua sitting up at the edge of the bed. "Nick?" Joshua asked sounding confused, Nick sighed refusing to look back at him.

"If you don't want this I'd rather you just told me to stop bothering you than leave it wherever the hell we are." He snapped glaring at the floor.

"What are you talking about?" Joshua asked slowly frowning at Nicks back. Nick cursed softly, burying his face in his hands.

"Josh, we've been together for four years, I sleep in this bed five days a week and you still won't touch me." He sighed heavily, it wasn't like all he wanted was sex, hell he'd be perfectly fine with doing it once a month, same time same place, or so quickly between the time they got April in her carpool and Joshua had to leave for work they didn't even bother to undress. But Joshua never let things go beyond making out, and it made him feel like he wasn't really wanted. "I don't get it. Are you just keeping me around for April? Because if that's it I'll still come by, but I really love you Josh and I cant do this if you're just humoring me or something." He jumped when Joshua reached out, turning him around again, giving him a completely unreadable look. Nick turned his attention to his hands unable to meet Joshua's gaze.

"Nick," he paused seemingly unsure of what exactly he planned to say. "I would never…" He took Nick's hand squeezing it tightly in his own. "I'm sorry, I made you think that." He sighed finally. "I'm not humoring you, Nick, I've told you how much I love you, I wouldn't ever lie to you about that." Nick nodded still unable to look at Joshua.

"I know I just…I don't understand." He sighed feeling stupid. Joshua entwined his fingers with Nicks rubbing his thumb over the back of his hand reassuringly.

"It's just that you're so much younger than me, I feel like you should be finding someone better suited for you." Nick actually laughed, finally glancing up at him as if to check to make sure he was being absolutely serious.

"You're kidding aren't you?" he asked incredulously. "I know a girl two years younger than I am sleeping with a professor that has to be at least seventy and you're saying you're too old for me?" Joshua made a face mumbling,

"Ew." Nick smiled.

"Agreed, but seriously the difference between thirty seven and twenty three isn't huge, in four more years it wont seem like anything at all. And Joshua, I don't think there is anyone better suited for me." Joshua smiled slightly.

"You sure?" he asked leaning down to kiss Nick now that he was certain he wasn't going to run out on him. Nick moaned lightly into his mouth, nodding as he leaned in closer. "I'm sorry I upset you so much." Joshua whispered as he kissed along Nick's jaw.

"S'okay," he groaned, "You can make it up to me."


Kimiko eyed her boyfriend suspiciously from her position curled up on the couch; he had just walked into a door. That was the fifth or sixth time he'd done that in the last two days, it wasn't just clumsiness either, he was stuttering, and blushing, and leaving things like verbs and nouns from his sentences. That was when he could manage sentences; he seemed to have reverted to some primitive form of communication comprised mostly of grunts, mumbles, and odd whining noises. Something was definitely up. The last time he had done this it had lasted a month and had culminated in him asking her to move in. He always did this when he got nervous about something in their relationship; it was his rather obvious tell.

"Grey what's wrong?" she asked as he tripped back into the room. He froze completely, eyes going wide, mouth opening and closing several times. "Grey?" He blinked. Kimiko sighed setting her book down, patting the spot on the sofa beside her. "Come here." He did as he was told, looking uncomfortable. "Tell me what's wrong." He did the mouth open close thing again.

"Er…no." Kimiko rose and eyebrow at him.

"No?" she repeated, Greyson flushed to the tips of his ears.

"I um…I can't." Kimiko rolled her eyes.

"Grey, you know you'll feel better if you just get this over with. Please tell me what's bothering you." Greyson licked his lips but shook his head.

"No, I uh- I wanna do it right…so um, I'm gunna wait." He explained. Kimiko sighed, thinking of how long it had taken for him to calm down enough for her to let him get anywhere close to in her pants.

"Fine," she sighed waving him away. He gave her a weird smile and lumbered off, disappearing back into their room. She picked her book up again smiling to herself as Greyson began playing 'If I Fell' in the next room. She continued reading for a minute before deciding to join him, awkward Greyson sex was kind of fun, and he always got her playing that song, though she doubted he knew that, or even what it was. He'd just shoved it all into his head for acoustic night and hadn't seemed to have allowed himself to forget.

She pushed the door open carefully, not wanting to scare him too much. Peaking into the room watching him play for a moment before she bothered to follow his gaze, his ability to play like he did without looking had always impressed her. He was staring intently at a little black box on his nightstand, and though she couldn't see what was inside it didn't take a genius to guess. She smiled to herself turning back toward the living room, butterflies fluttering around her stomach as she slipped onto the couch. She spent the evening grinning at the ceiling, listening to Greyson play their song over and over.


"Fuck Scott…"Andrew groaned, still gasping for breath. He felt Scotts smirk on his hip as the licked and sucked his way lazily back up Andrews body. Andrew blinked heavily as Scott began the process of creating a large hicky on his right collarbone. Andrew pet the top of Scotts head humming pleasantly, ignoring the chill of the room that seemed to have appeared rather suddenly.

"You look about ready to pass out Love." Scott teased entertaining himself with one of Andrew's nipples. A phone vibrated. Neither Scott nor Andrew made a move to answer it and it stopped quickly. The other started. Andrew blinked one eye open, glaring at the phone buzzing on the nightstand. It stopped but the other started up again. Scott chuckled sitting up a bit.

"Answer it; they're just going to keep calling." Andrew groaned but reached over to grab his phone.

"What?" he demanded.

"We're outside." Andrew blinked,


"We're outside." James repeated.

"Why?" Andrew asked trying to ignore what Scott was now doing to his thighs, it was rather difficult though and Andrew had a feeling he sounded a little breathless.

"What are you doing?" James asked suspiciously. Andrew held the phone away from his mouth biting his lip.

"Er, uh nothing…" he answered when he thought he could manage it, though it didn't really make a difference because he moaned as Scott swallowed him rather suddenly.

"Oh ew, fuck dude, are you guys having sex?" Andrew couldn't help blushing collapsing back onto the pillows and choking down a groan.

"Er no." he yelped. There was a silence on the other end.

"Why the hell would you answer the phone?" James finally asked.

"You kept calling!" Andrew burst "I mean we weren't…er aren't…" he stammered between gasps. It wasn't exactly a lie, he might be halfway down Scotts throat but that didn't really count as actual sex.

"Should we just meet you at the restaurant?" James asked sounding desperate to get of the phone.

"Er, yeah." Andrew managed before hanging up, he had totally forgotten about dinner. James shoved his phone in his pocket with a shiver.

"Were they actually having sex?" Tory asked with a laugh, James gave her a flat look; he obviously wasn't as amused by that as she was. She snorted with laughter capturing his face between her hands leaning up to kiss the tip of his nose.

"Oh, poor baby." She cooed then smirked "Have you ever thought about how much Scott knows about your body through Andy's?" James paled looking horrified.

"Oh my god!" he groaned, "Why would you say that?" he asked as she giggled wildly. "There is something wrong with you." James sighed looping his arm around her waist steering her back toward the car.

"We could have a weird ass foursome." Tory teased leaning against his side.

"Ew, just ew."


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