NOTE: This is a short story I wrote on account of an assignment in my Creative Writing Course where we were supposed to use the line "everyone in our family has different hair," and go from there. It was supposed to be between 500-1200 words so, yea... here it is.

The Elf Prince And The Dragon Lord

Everyone in our family has different hair. Granny apple green, sea-foam blue, electric gray, Jolly Rancher purple, tangerine orange, firecracker red… so many amazing colors to match their amazing golden eyes and ivory skin. Those are all normal, alluring, colors for elves and there are, generally, no exceptions to the ranges.

Sans when it pertains to myself, of course.

I have coal black hair and eyes.

I don't believe I'm very alluring at all, in any way, shape, or form. They say I look like a human -like one of those greedy mongrels. The kingdom constantly ridicules me on account of my looks alone. They mock me: Siryyn Lemont Jy'Ntva, eldest son of the Elvin King! I am nothing like those Hume creatures despite how bland I appear to be on the outside. I'm royalty, damn it, and I should be both feared and respected.

Suffice to say, I am neither.

Often I wonder why the gods looked down upon this family and plucked me from the flock to be granted the horrid task of black sheep? Surely my younger brother, Claudius, would have been better suited for the position. He is but a fool and a slob. Perhaps even Charles or Cornelia, our darling baby siblings, for they are the only set of twins out of the forty-three children blessed unto the High King and Queen. That should be more than enough reason to deem them the family's outcast.

But alas, it is I who shall be eternally prosecuted due to the fact that colors determine the workings of this kingdom and I certainly lack them. Which is why I will always be snubbed and shunned. When I (or if I am permitted to) take the throne, I doubt that that will change.

How can a pariah rule a kingdom?

How could it even be possible when I am the butt of a nations joke?

"Prince Siryyn."

My thoughts are interrupted by that strong, belowing voice and my gaze strays. Staring back at me are eyes as red as blood -the eyes of my royal bodyguard. "Lord Leviathan."

Even he, as a dragon who serves beneath me, has more character. So gorgeous is his flaxen hair and crimson irises that surround pitiless slanted corneas. I envy him and the species that he belongs to. Even in their simplicity dragons are beautiful creatures. When they take the form of man, they can snatch the breath from your very lungs. It is a wonder that these delightful beast cater to protecting us when it should most certainly be the other way around.

"And what, pray tell, has my favorite Prince brooding alone in the west wing study?" Leviathan stands before me and I do not bother to move from the windowsill.

At times, I hate that he knows me so very well but that is to be expected when I've been his ward and friend for the last six centuries. And every day with him is yet another stab to the heart for I wish we were more. I long for a day when my dreams can blissfully settle upon reality and cast the current relationship that have with Leviathan aside to explore the depths of what we could be. My heart constricts with that particular thought for it is nothing more than a pipe dream.

Most already find it difficult to comprehend that the gallant Leviathan chose to be my royal guard. Even I fail to understand why he chose the task when far better option were laid out upon his path. For someone as magnificent as he, I would've assumed that he'd chose someone as jovial and lustrous as himself. Melina, Devinia, Elise, Jacqueline… any of my sisters would have been suited for a knight of his prestige and stature.

Yet, he specifically requested to be my keeper.

"If you must know, my Lord, I sought to be alone for the night," and I most certainly intended to avoid the ball that is to commence in no less than an hour.

I do not feel like being subjected to the mocking gazes and proverbial taunts of the town's folk, nobles, and my own kin. Even the knights goad and taunt me knowing that my pride will not allow me to do more than walk away. They all look down their noses at me as though I am so far beneath them and can do naught about it nor can I speak out in my defense lest I wish to rouse more ridicule from the lot.

I am damned if I do and I am damned if I do not so I believe it wise to avoid expunging energy in doinganything at all.

And to think, all of this outlandish behavior is directed at me solely due to the color of my hair and eyes…

Their pettiness is truly a pity.

"Then I shall do the same. I do hope that you won't mind my intruding upon your time alone." His gorgeous ruby gaze is filled with mirth and a genuine inclination that leaves little room for my refusal.

That does not mean that I will not try. "You're not going to attempt to convince me to go to the ball so that I might find a princess suited to my liking? And do you not wish to do so for yourself?" I sound skeptical and my tone is a bit scathing but his presence makes me weary. "Isabelle, Devinia, Grace, Candice and several of my sisters have certainly had their eyes on you and all of them have nagged me into unconsciousness as to when I will find the opportune moment to arrange a meeting so I encourage you, please go."The words are bitter and burn low in my throat as they fall from my lips but I do not wish to be pitied or sympathized by him of all people.

Leviathan simply smiles and leans against the opposite side of the windowsill, his glance devoted to me. "I've known you for over half a millennia and you are, by far, the most stubborn Elvin Prince I've ever happened across. Thus, there is no need for me to waste my breath requesting that which you do not wish to do." His smile softens but there is now a glint in those alluring irises that ignites my soul. "As for the darling princesses... you should belay to them that I have set my sights on another far more beautiful than I do believe I have a right to behold. For that, I need not attend the Ball if that is the only reason why you'd encourage me to go."

My heart stutters to a stop as those words leave him and fill the space between us. It pains me to know that he's finally found his other half and to be told in this manner... Leviathan, on more occasions than none, tells me of any and everything that plagues his beautiful mind, however, this information he chose to withhold. My emotions have been distorted but I... Whichever fair maiden has been lucky enough to catch the eye of this elusive and enchanting dragon, I am resentful but I shall give my blessings all the same.

He is a fine catch to any who would dream the perfect mate and I know the one he deems worthy will be more than willing to court him.

"Yes... well... I'll wish you the best of luck in swaying and wooing her. Not that you need it. I'm positive that whichever princess you have set your sights on will fall prey to your charm. I do hope you bring her to meet me." My smile feels as forced as I'm sure it appears but that sparking scarlet gaze locks with mine and the intensity entraps me.

"And who, dear Siryyn, said anything about a princess." His calloused hand gently cups my cheek as he draws me closer. "How could I even deign to entertain that idea when I have a beautiful Prince that I'd willing follow off of the edge of the earth by my side?"

Again, my mind stutters and my breath catches in my throat as it constricts and loosens allowing words to tumble from my lips. "Me? Why? I am but a crow in a family of doves, a recluse if you will. I am neither gorgeous nor brave, in fact, I am nothing more than average. Why me when you could have anyone that you desire?" He always manages to leave me flabbergasted and, as much as I have longed for this, I am undeserving.

Nevertheless, his soft and suggestive smile persists as he stares at me and makes me feel as though I am his world. "You are the only one that I want and have wanted for quite a few centuries now, my unique black sheep." His forehead touches mine and his presence entirely overwhelms me. It's gorgeously suffocating. "I love you as you are, my prince."

As his lips touch mine, I feel as though I don't have a care in the world, least of all one that concerns the color of my hair and eyes. Nothing at the moment matters more than Leviathan and I, and I can worry about the rest another time.

End... Or is it?

NOTE: I do hope you all enjoyed this and, as I said before, if you want more, just let me know.