On that day, That horrible day, I was in my room. My hair was dyed neon green, with purple streaks, and I was putting on my makeup. I was doing some cool new thing that my friends taught me. Some thing with eye shadow, that is all multicolored. But it takes a lot of time. I was in my blue skinny jeans, my high tops, a The Used T-shirt, and my black hoodie that had a plain skull on the front. My mom was making dinner, and my dad was probably watching TV. I was getting ready to go out with my friends. Then I heard the door slam shut. I didn't think anything of it then, but I wish I would have. Then I heard my mom scream, along with the shattering of glass, and A gunshot. I heard my father yelling, another two gunshots. Then I heard rummaging around. I shot for my window when I heard the noise close to the stairs. I fumbled to open it, and jumped out onto my roof. I shut the window behind me, but to late. I saw my door open right as I ducked out of view. Jed, an old family friend raced to the window. I slid down the shingles, and took off running. I barely got 10 feet from the house when the first shot hit me. I felt my arm ablaze with pain. I just managed to dial 9-1-1 before the second shot hit, and I hit the ground with a sickening thud.