"Soul? Hey, Soul. Wake up." I opened my eyes to complete darkness, I squinted to see who was waking me up. Then I realized that the covers were over my head. I took them off and stared up at Ariella.

"Yea?" I mumbled.

"Its breakfast time. You need to wake up." Can I have-" I yawned and broke up the sentence. "Five more minutes?"

"Nope! You can't be late for your first breakfast here." I yawned and got up.

"Ok, just let me get ready."

"No! You can get ready after breakfast just come on!"

"Fine! Fine. Hold on!" we started down the stairs, but before I got halfway down I was bombarded by Jathe. He gave me a hug, grabbed my hand and pulled me down the stairs. When we got in to the kitchen Breakfast as already laid out, but they insisted on giving me my present first. They brought me a box with a bunch of holes in it. When I opened it, I found the cutest pure gray kitten staring back at me with beautiful blue-gray eyes.

"She is so adorable!" I said to no one in particular.

"Yes, and she is all yours!" Ariella said proudly. The girls all wanted a turn to hold her, so I picked her up and handed her to Avery.

"Does she already have a name?" I asked.

"Nope!" Jathe said eagerly.

"Then I'll name her.. Hmmm, let me see. What do you suggest Jathe?"

"Oh, oh! How about, the Gray master! Or, Queen Kitty. Or, Macy! There is a girl named Macy in my class!"

" Or, how about, Majora, and we call her Macy!" Arielle said.

"Yes, Majora it is." I turned my head, but late enough that I caught Mika roll her eyes. I felt my smile waver, but chose to ignore her rudeness.

"Well, we can see the kitty later. How about we all get some food down Our thoughts." Laurie (their mom) said.

I looked straight at her and said "Thank you." and I think I actually meant it.