Author's Note:

I'm bored and since homework is so over-rated, I'm here posting a poem. I can't help it, procrastinating is what I do.

I just love being a writer. Seriously, I couldn't imagine what my life would be like if I couldn't write. I'd probably have to kill myself or else I'd go mad. If I couldn't write, I'd probably be (gasps) normal. And we can't have that. We just can't. I can't even imagine what I'd be like if I was normal. Normality is over-rated, too, anyway. Anywho, I'm doing that thing I do everytime I post a new poem, aren't I?

Back on subject now, unfortunately; I think I wrote this on the fifth day of school or something. The date in one of my poetry notebooks says that I wrote it on 9/7/09, and I can't remember what day of school that was or if it was even a weekday. But anyway, this one was written about a guy from lunch and... Just read the poem and figure it out people. Just don't over analyze it though, 'kay?


Stalking My Mind

A single smile was all it took.
Sitting at lunch I felt you look.
Tearing myself away from my work,
I glanced over and met your gaze.

You were sitting there
With your friends,
Looking at me.

The second I looked up, however,
You looked away,
I thought forever.

Your smile still lingers in my mind,
Your eyes, your hair, that silly look...

Immaturity, I rolled my eyes,
But I knew it a lie.
Butterflies filled my stomach,
I was being silly,
So I pushed you away,
To a corner of my mind,
Hoping it would stop;
The nagging.

But it didn't.
And it hasn't;
You haven't gone away.

You're still there,
In my mind,
And at school.

You're everywhere.

Because that's where I see you.


You're like a stalker,
In my mind.

When will it all end?
The constant nagging of who you are?

When will it cease?

The stalking of my mind?

Gosh, I have school tomorrow, don't I? I hate school, really I do.

I have zero left to say right now.

I should do that homework thing now. It might benefit me more if I did my homework earlier, huh?