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I dreamt about her again.

I always do. Every night I dream of what we could have been, of the love we could have shared.

We were on the shore. It was always the shore. She would walk along the sand, relaxed as though she didn't have a care in the world. She would smile the most heavenly of smiles.

Everything was quiet.

But she made it beautiful.

Her presence was intoxicating. Her sheer being there made me feel more alive then I ever had. She captivated me in every way. The prettiest of flowers stood nothing against her. I would have given anything to reach out and touch her. To feel the soul that had so brutally cut out my heart and worn it like jewellery.

It hurt me.

But I couldn't get enough.

Finally she turned to me, making me breathless. She reached out her elegant hand to touch my cheek. Her fingers trailing like tear drops down my face. In one swift motion she lifted my chin with her hand and pressed her soft lips to my own.

Fireworks exploded in my head. I had never felt more emotion then in that single moment.


Pure, undeniable love.

My head spins as the reality crashes down like a wave of despair. I look with my eyes, but she is not there.

She never was.

She was with him.

She was always with him. And why shouldn't she be? He was the one she was in love with.

Not me.

He had swept her off her feet before I couldn't even react. In an instant she had fallen in love with him.

But it shouldn't have been him.

It should have been me.