Hello everyone! This is a story I had started a LONG time ago. I had about 10 chapters written, but I got really busy with school and stuff, and I wasn't able to finish it like I wanted to…BUT I've settled into my new routine, and I'm posting up chapters again! When I had started this, I wasn't as good as a writer as I am now, so I'm going back and changing a few things. I hope you like it! Leave reviews if you enjoy what you read! J

P.S-If you have any suggestions, advice (constructive criticism), and any ideas for the story, let me know. I'd really like to get this published, so I'm trying my best. If you see any typos, ignore them. (I'm prone to those.) Thanks! Now, on with the story!


For as Long as time has existed, a parallel world known as Lavenicah has coexisted alongside Earth. Although Lavenicah may be Earth's twin, it resides as a world of dreams which allow that world to prosper. However, even though Lavenicah flourishes in pleasant dreams, nightmares still roam the Kingdom, looking to spread their dark designs across the planet. If these nightmares are allowed to ravage the continent, darkness will envelope Earth as well.

But there can't be darkness without light.


It's a bright August morning. The sun shines in a cloudless sky, and spreads it's warmth over everything it touches. The sound of soothing, chirping of birds can be heard, and the air is clean and sweet as a field of flowers. Everything is bursting with color and vibrant with life.

It's also the first day of school for ninth grader, Aeris. Who could ask for a better day to start school?

Unfortunately, everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

First, she "accidentally" hit her snooze button on her alarm clock, which started the chain reaction of unfortunate events. Thus, the morning consisted of a two-second shower, wet, unbrushed hair, no breakfast, and a wrinkled school uniform. Undaunted by her situation, she grabs her backpack and rushes toward the door. Sadly, Aeris is not a multi-tasker, and in the process of trying to slip her shoes on while half running, she stumbles headlong into the front door.

"OUCH!!" Aeris sits up and rubs her head consolingly.

Her mother calls from the kitchen, "Are you alright?"

Shaking her head, Aeris gets up and yells "I'M GOING TO BE LATE!!!" With that, she finishes putting on her shoes before opening the door. Now on the sidewalk, she is looking and feeling awfully unprepared for school. She glances at her wristwatch and realizes she only has a mere ten minutes to run through busy intersections and crowded sidewalks if she ever hopes to get to her destination on time.

But Aeris is determined to reach her goal!

Holding on to both straps of her backpack, she begins sprinting down the street. Aeris is slim and athletic, allowing her to dart in and out of sidewalk traffic. She also has perfect vision and catches little details like buzzing insects, and tumbling, empty plastic bags blowing across the street.

Again, she takes a look at her watch. "Eight minutes!" Now, she's passing through a busy marketplace. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but Aeris' stomach is completely empty. Seeing the vivid delicious fruits and smelling fresh baked goods wafting through the air overwhelms her senses. Her stomach starts to growl.


Distracted, Aeris takes her eyes off of the path ahead of her, which proves to be a bad idea. Not looking ahead of her, she collides into a cart full of fresh apples and tumbles to the ground in a heap of red fruit. Aeris looks up to see one very angry vendor. Thinking quickly, she gets up, grabs an apple, and makes a mad dash back on the original path. The vendor yells exceptionally colorful vocabulary that follows her until she is out of sight.

Aeris yells , "I'll pay you back!...eventually!" She takes another look at her watch. With her mouth full of apple she muffles out, "Five minutes!"

Now, she is approaching a busy intersection. She notices a electronic sign which says "Walk," but alongside that is a timer that's clicking down toward zero. Aeris frantically picks up the pace, because she knows if she stops, she'll be late for sure.


Aeris gets to the curb, disregards the traffic coming her direction, and makes a break for it.


Aeris is only halfway across the street before rush hour traffic comes screeching her way.

"GAHH!!!!!" She runs with all the strength she can muster toward the opposite curb and makes it!...however, she loses precious cargo. Just as her foot touches the opposite curb, a car hurtles by and clips her backpack, sending it flying into the street. Realizing that she is one backpack short, Aeris wheels around to witness her brand new bag being run over by several cars. After the traffic has passed, it's now only a crumpled heap in the road. Aeris feels completely demoralized. She turns around and sees a hill, and on the top of the hill, she sees the school flag on the bright morning horizon.

"I will get to school on time!" She straightens her posture, looks boldly up the hill, and runs with the energy she has left within her.

Halfway up the hill, she gives one last look at her watch. "Three minutes! I can make it!" As she runs up the hill, the school becomes increasingly visible. Finally, its big, oak doors are in sight. Now at her most intense sprint, she can feel the wind whistling in her ears. Aeris gets to the doors and yanks on the handle.

The door is heavy.

"Grr..." Aeris uses both hands and pulls with her tiny arms. As she does, her face glows increasingly red. Finally, the door budges with a reverberating creak, and she slips inside.

Aeris is in the school. Sunlight pours through it's windows and shines on the freshly painted lockers. The floor is waxed clean to the point where Aeris can see her own reflection. She walks swiftly to her right, her once clean, now grimy, shoes echoing loudly through the empty hallways.

"Where is it, where is it?" She continues walking past classroom doors. "What was it again...oh! Room 217!" She looks at the alternating doors on her left and her right.


"I must be close!" Aeris runs down the hallway and almost completely passes room 217. Aeris's wristwatch reads ten seconds to spare. Beaming with pride and a feeling of accomplishment, she turns the cool, silver doorknob and walks in the classroom.

Aeris notices two things. First, all the other students are already seated with books out, and now they are looking at Aeris like she's some sort of alien. The second thing she notices is a plump old man with balding, gray hair sitting at a brown desk. His piercing eyes look her up and down. Aeris realizes she looks utterly terrible, with her clothes wrinkled and her hair a frizzled mess.

The teacher then looks down to his roster. "Did you go wrestle with a bear before class?..."

"NO! I-"

The teacher cuts her off. "Miss Aeris I presume?"

"Y-yes sir," Aeris says, nearly out of breath.

The teacher glances at the big wall clock in the back of the classroom. Without taking his eyes off it, he asks Aeris a very simple question. "Are you aware of what time school starts Miss Aeris?"

Feeling very self-conscious, she says, "Ummmm...about...thirty seconds ago?....."


The class erupts in laughter. The teacher then turns his chubby face at Aeris. "You will now spend and hour of detention after school with me for being one hour late."

Aeris is in a state of shock. "One hour?!?!" Apparently, something really odd must have happened to Aeris's alarm clock for it to be one hour from the correct time. She turns from the teacher and walks to the only empty desk in the classroom...one right in front of the nerdiest looking boy she has ever seen. Feeling completely spent, Aeris collapses in the desk, feeling once again, demoralized.

"All of that for nothing...." she says with her head buried in her arms. She doesn't realize she's talking out loud. "And to top it off, I look absolutely terrible..."

" I...um...think you look pretty..." comes a voice from behind her.

"Who said that?" Aeris turns around to find a slim boy with over-sized glasses, big blue eyes, and straight, blonde hair that falls just past his ears.

"Hi, I'm Lucas," he says shyly. He then gives a forced smile that's bright enough to rival the sun.

Just seeing Lucas makes Aeris cheer up. She grins and says, "And I'm Aeris."

Lucas turns cherry red.

A booming voice comes from the front of the classroom. "Lucas, you will now join Aeris for detention for talking out of turn. And would Miss Aeris like to make it a two hour detention?"

Aeris spins around and faces the front. "NO SIR!"