Chapter three folks! This was fun, yet difficult to write. I learned that word choice can really affect how your writing flows, and I think I'm finally satisfied with how this worked out. Thank God for thesauruses…

Well, here we discover Lucas' first Lavenicah experience; awesome and action filled! Ok I won't spoil it. Enjoy!

The last thing Lucas remembers is being knocked out by the menacing tyrant. Now, he is lying facedown on dew covered grass. His entire body aches, and it seems to hurt even more since being punched squarely in the chest. Despite the throbbing pain he is feeling across his body, Lucas attempts to get up.

"Ouch….Ouch…Ouch…" Lucas is trying to lift himself from off the wet ground. However, the fact that every last fiber within his body seems to scream with pain isn't helping the situation. First, he tries to move his arms under himself to at least lift his face off of the ground. Lucas decides to count to three.

"On three, push…1...2...3!…"

Lucas attempts to jerk his muscles into position, but pain courses through his arms, and once again, he remains motionless on the ground. He starts to wonder if he'll ever get his face out of the dirt, when he suddenly starts to hear a soft, soothing melody. The notes float on the air and seem to make the atmosphere reverberate around him. Soon, Lucas starts to feel his muscles relax and the pain ebb away with the captivating melody.

"Where is that music coming from?" Lucas feels his strength returning to him slowly. "And what kind of music is it? I'm feeling better by the second."

Soon, Lucas's arms feel ok enough to move. He moves himself into position, and pushes himself enough to roll onto his back. He is awestruck by what he sees.

Trees that are full of emerald green leaves surround the canopy of branches above him. The sun however, shines through the leaves, lighting up the forest floor. Gentle air compels the leaves and branches to dance, causing the trees to sway like ocean waves. The forest itself feels old, yet at the same time, youthful and new born.

Lucas finally sits up. He looks to his left, then to his right. He has no idea where he is, but decides to find the source of the music. As he walks on, the surroundings don't change; nothing but lush, green forest continues to surround him. Finally, he finds one small, natural path. Lucas decides to follow it.

As the path continues, the music continues to get louder, and it's effect seems more enchanting that before. The trees no longer look like they are just merely swaying with the wind, but almost as if they themselves are dancing, swaying back in forth in time to the melody. This makes Lucas feel a little odd himself; almost he himself wants to dance.

Finally, Lucas sees a clearing up ahead that looks as blue as the sky. The trees ahead seem to part to reveal an exit. Lucas merely needs to walk up and down another slope and he will reach his destination. Just then, the music stops. A crumbling of rock is heard, and then a female scream pierces the quiet forest. Acting on instinct, Lucas dashes in the direction that the scream came from.

"I don't remember being able to run this fast," Lucas observes. Now that he thought about it, he felt different too, but that would have to wait.

At last, Lucas runs up the last slope and arrive at the clearing. At first, the brightness of it all blinds him, but his eyes quickly adjust. Here, Lucas makes another quick observation.

"Where in the world are my glasses and why am I able to see?!?!" Lucas almost loses his focus on the task at hand until he hears a plea for help. Lucas looks around and takes in his surroundings. He is up on a very high cliff, and at the bottom is a large lake. Reacting quickly, Lucas runs over to the edge of the cliff.

However, he is too late. Just before arriving at the cliff's edge, he sees a hand slip from its edge, followed by another scream. Without thinking, Lucas leaps over the edge of the cliff headfirst, determined to save the helpless individual.

Lucas can hear the wind rushing past him as he accelerates toward the lake below, but he zeroes in his focus on the falling girl. She has light brown hair, brown eyes, and a very innocent, angel-like face. She also has a small harp in her hand. The tears from her eyes flow back and hit Lucas on the cheek as he hastens his body. The lake is starting to look closer with every passing second, but even so, Lucas is approaching the girl even faster .

Lucas stretches out his hand and yells toward the girl, "Give me your hand!"

Remaining silent, the girl puts forth her hand as well. Lucas strains with both of his arms to reach her, initially nearly missing her hand. Again, he reaches out and brushes it. Through his peripheral vision, Lucas can make out the details of the lake, indicating the severity of the present situation. Out of desperation, Lucas accelerates once more and grasps the girl by the waist. With the lake beneath him, Lucas knows that impact with the water would be deadly.

"I can't fail to protect someone again," Lucas thinks resolutely. "I refuse to fail!!!"

Suddenly, a vine darts down past the pair from where the cliff first started. With no time to think about what just happened, Lucas grabs the vine with his free hand.

"I won't let go!" He tells the girl. The girl's eyes sparkle with amazement and admiration. Lucas grips the vine as hard as he can, and soon they start to slow down.

Lucas's hand begins to ache and burn, but as he promised, he doesn't let go.

The lake is just seconds away now. Lucas strains against the friction of the vine, causing their speed to decrease even more.

"Oh no" Lucas sees the end of the vine in sight, dangling at least fifty feet from the water's surface. He is at his limit, and his hand is nearly numb with pain. With his last bit of energy, Lucas braces himself, and makes sure not to let go of the girl.

At last, the vine ends, and the duo free-fall toward the lake's surface.

Lucas addresses the girl on the way down. "I'm sorry if we don't make it. Can you at least tell me your name?"

"Katrina," the girl says, with a solemn look on her face.

"My name is…" The two are only feet from colliding with the water "…Lucas"