Man, I really do not like that title. It'll definitely change after I think of a decent one.

This is the fourth and hopefully final poem about the guy from "Fallacies", "The Wondering", and "Soul Searching". It was incredibly fun to write, and hopefully it'll be just as fun to read!

We waited impatiently for answers

Four whole seasons of near-sighted foolishness

Our visitor arrived belatedly:

A petty collection of frustrated words

Succeeding only in turning fallacies into punch lines


Laughter was greeted by unsettling surprise

Perhaps I should have expected it

Sharp left turns in and out of daydreams,

Despite their respective settings,

Meant so much more last night


Irrational fears of forever disappear,

Slowly but surely escaping to the other side of the curtain,

As salty tears tumble from sleepy, red eyes

Sunrises changed both of our minds this morning

Remind me to thank them tomorrow