Summary: When a young girl meets a young man who is a nineteen year old cop what will happen when they start breaking the laws to be together?

Love Behind Bars

Chapter 1

At First Glance

His eyes were so handsome and piercing when I first saw them. I was at the Kuna, Idaho Skate Park with my best friend Lauren Conley, when this happened. The great looking skater had just landed a jump when we made eye contact. Our eye contact distracted him and he hit another skater who came down the ramp too early, then up went the skateboard of my admired cutie. It went up and started flying towards me. I hurriedly moved out of the skateboard's path and it missed me by mere inches. Skateboard hottie's friend started cussing, but skateboard hottie himself was heading toward me. He was muttering words of apology.

He approached me saying directly to me, "My god. I'm so sorry."

Lauren smiled at him and her automatic flirt side came out. "I think your board likes my friend."

I glanced at her with an eyebrow raised at her corny line. The skateboarder pulled me back into his gaze when he spoke. "I think it does." We made another moment of killer eye contact where he gutted me with his penetrating gaze. He held out his hand for a handshake, "I'm Nate."

I smiled, "Kacy, it's really no big deal. The board didn't hit me."

"Good," Nate said before he went to fetch his board then brought it back to me. He showed me the design in the back and joked, "She's a monster, and she doesn't bite."

At the time I had no idea that 'monster' was the board's brand name. It amused me how he referred to the board as a female.

I laughed at his 'she doesn't bite' joke. "Anyways," He continued, "I hope to see you ladies around."

I said, "Same here," in a flirtatious fashion.

At the same time Lauren said, "Bye."

As he turned away to walk back to skate I faced Lauren. I paused to wait for him to walk out of hearing distance and then whispered, "That was…interesting."

"He is a god." She replied back.

"He is," I agreed, "But you have a boyfriend so I think he is mine."

"Just because I have a boyfriend doesn't mean I'm blind." She informed me, "By the way he is mine."

I stood there with my mouth open, "No Lauren." I said sternly, "For once…I get the guy."

"Okay…Okay." She said finally backing down, "He's all yours."

Later that night Lauren and I were lying side by side in my bed. She was spending the night like she did regularly on weekends.

"Lauren," I said her name to get her attention.

"Yeah?" She asked in response.

"You know the guy we met at the skate park?" I asked

"Of course, how could I forget McBabe?" She said with attitude.

"I really like him." I told her.

"Well duh…"

"Come on Laur…" I said in a joking manner.

"He's older than you, Kace." She said using my most favored nickname.

"Well what do you expect? You know I always get crushes on the seniors." I argued.

"I think he's a little bit older than a senior."

She trumped my hopeful dreaming with her observation. If a guy is older than a senior it means he is over the age of 18, which also means that I become jail bate because of the beautiful statutory rape law in the state of Idaho.

"Let's stay positive." I told her.

"I'm just sayin'," Lauren was defensive.

I decided to drop the conversation because I had just met the guy, but in my mind I was secretly hoping that I would see Nate the skater boy again.

I spent two days thinking about this guy who was so hard to forget. I thought about Nate when I was eating, riding my bike, or doing anything really. My parents started to notice my preoccupation and started asking questions.

My mom is a woman who believes in the theory that you are preparing your kids for the real world. So she has the philosophy that is much like saying to me, "Fly birdie, fly." It doesn't mean that she doesn't love me though. She has sacrificed most of her life for me.

My dad is a man who goes with whatever my mom says because my mom wears the pants.

When they asked about my recent shortcomings I denied that anything was going on. I wasn't ready to tell them that I had a crush on an older guy yet.

By the third day of being away from Nate the thoughts were driving me crazy. It was the last month of summer vacation. I needed to live it up…or at least get out of the house. I woke up on Tuesday and decided that I would go to the skate park while my parents were at work. I was hoping that Nate would 'just happen to be there'. I put on my make-up that morning and made myself all pretty, then drove the two miles to the skate park.

When I got there I was extremely disappointed to find that the skate park was empty. There weren't even people in the vicinity. I wasn't about to go home though. It was quiet and beautiful. The ending of the skate park marked the beginning of the city's biggest park. At the edge of the beautifully landscaped park was a small canal.

I didn't want to say I made the trip for nothing.

I got out of my little white car and walked around to the benches that were perched at the edges of skating structure. The bench was specifically for spectators of the skate park. I decided to lie down and look up at the clouds because it was a beautiful day. After I had been staring at the sky for awhile, I started to realize that I was really tired. I had stayed up really late the previous night then woke up before I got my full eight hours, before I knew it I had drifted off to sleep.

"Kacy?" The loud yell brought me out of my deep sleep and to my feet within a second. The person who yelled my name was jogging towards me. I took a step backward and hit the cement with my heel. I started to fall backward from the trip right toward the bowl of the cement. As I was falling I realized the man who was running towards me was Nate. He grabbed my hand just in time. He pulled me to his chest and wrapped an arm around me to stable me.

"What are you doing here…all alone? Don't you know…it's dangerous…to hang out at an empty park…all alone?" He asked out of breath.

He was breathing heavily causing his chest to rise and fall in quick heaves right against mine. It was very alluring.

I managed to smile up at him in my shock, "It wasn't dangerous until you showed up." I joked. I quickly scanned the park and noticed his white truck. The park was still deserted. "What are you doing here alone? It's dangerous."

I was sly to point out his hypocrisy, and it got him to smile. "I practice new tricks alone so I don't have to embarrass myself in front of my friends," He explained

It suddenly was odd for us to be standing so close to each other so we distanced ourselves by a few feet.

I nodded, "So…I'm guessing you want me to leave." The words left my lips reluctantly.

"No," He said the word fast and with certainty. "I was actually glad to see that you were here. Like I said, 'I hope to see you girls around'. Although I was kind of worried when I saw you sleeping, I thought you passed out or something."

I looked at my watch. I had been sleeping for almost an hour. "I didn't mean to fall asleep. It just happened. Sorry to alarm you."

I walked over to the rim of the bowl and sat down. He followed suit saying, "Well, next time you want to fall asleep in an empty park you should call me so you'll have supervision."

"And why do I need supervision?"

"You're a deep sleeper," He explained, "Anybody could just come by and shank you…or worse."

I let out a small giggle. "Are you usually this protective of strangers?"

"Not usually, but I've talked to you twice and I know your name, we're hardly strangers anymore."

"Well…if we're not strangers, then what are we?" I asked him trying to understand.

"Friends?" He asked in a suggestive nature

"Friends…I like the sound of that." I said with a smile.

"I guess I better get to know my new friend a little better," he said.

"Well what do you wanna know?" I asked

"What are you really doing here alone?" He asked

"It was quiet and pretty. I just like it here I guess." I explained.

"Ah and you drove all the way here just because it's quiet and pretty?" Nate said as I started to comprehend that he was trying to poke holes in my story.

"Maybe," I said, not giving him information either way.

"Maybe there was some other intent to you driving out here?" I could tell he was stubborn and I liked it.

"That's classified information," I said with a seductive smirk. I was bound and determined to keep my little secret.

"A girl with a mysterious side, are we?" He asked

"I guess you'll just have to find out." I answered resurrecting a smile from him. I decided to divert the attention to him with a question. I was dying to know more about him. 'So what are you doing here on a Tuesday? Don't you have to work or something?"

"I worked on Sunday so I got Tuesday off. My work schedule changes depending on what going on."

"That's interesting. What do you do?" I asked inquisitively.

"I'm a cop." He said

My expression changed to one masked with question. "Aren't you a little young to be a cop already?" I was asking partially because I was confused and partially because I was trying to discreetly ask him how old he was.

"My father is the Chief of Police; as soon as I turned eighteen he pulled some strings to get me into training. I did good in the six months of training so they hired me right away. I've been working as a cop for a year and a half now."

I quickly did the math in my head. That would make him nineteen. I tried to hurriedly change the conversation so he would ask how old I was. "So is police work your dream job?"

"No, photography would be my first choice but my father didn't think that was a very logical career. He says too many people want to be a photographer. He doesn't want me to be a starving artist."

"Oh so he got you into police work?"

"Exactly," He said with a smile.

"But you're not happy?" I asked unsure of what the answer would be.

"I'm happy. It just wasn't my first choice." He explained.

"I understand." I told him.

"What's your dream job?" He asked putting the spotlight back onto me.

"It's actually kind of ironic." I said getting lost in his welcoming eyes. "I want to be in law enforcement."

"You don't seem the type." He made an inference.

"Umm…ouch." I said in response to his offensive comment.

"That's not how I meant it. You're too sweet to be a cop." He clarified.

"Well you haven't seen my evil conniving side yet." I told him, "What about you? You seem too sweet to be a cop too."

"I'm only nice to people who deserve it." He said with a sexy grin.

""I guess I deserve it?" I asked

"Obviously…" He smiled as we came to a break in the conversation. It got pretty quiet, until he broke the silence. "Can I ask you a question?"

"Knock yourself out," I said sarcastically.

"Will you go out to dinner with me?"


"Yeah," His gaze was prying into the depths of my soul, stealing my breath away with his dinner invitation.

"Okay," I said with a smile.

"You want me to pick you up at your house?" He asked.

"Not a good idea, how about I meet you here?"

"That doesn't seem like a gentlemanly thing for me to allow." He said with an endearing smile.

I rolled my eyes. "Just trust me."

"Alright, how about Friday night, five o' clock?"

"I'll be here." I told him. I started to get up to leave.

"Do you have to leave?" He asked curiously.

"Yeah," I told him, "I didn't tell anyone I was leaving so I better get back before they miss me."

I headed toward my car when I heard him say. "Bye Kace." He was the first person besides my family and my best friend I allowed to call me 'Kace'. I wanted to keep it that way.

Just like that we went from being strangers to being friends.

The next day I was buzzing from the excitement of the simple thought of going to dinner with Nate. I resented the fact that we were just friends but I was happy with anything he'd give me.

It was early afternoon and I was bored out of my mind. I was lying on my bed, staring at my phone wishing I would have at least given him my phone number. It was too late now. I would just have to wait until Friday.

My mind wandered to the fact that he could be a bad guy. He was in fact a stranger and there was no proof he was a cop. Besides who would have thought a skater would ever be a cop? I decided not to dwell too much on that.

I got an idea to call Lauren. She was the only person I co9uld talk to about him…at this point in the relationship at least. So I pressed down the speed dial number. I listened to it ring a few times as I waited for her to answer. She always lets it ring a few times.

"Hello?" She answered finally.

"Hey it's me."

"Hey," She said in a tone that let me know she recognized my voice. "What's up Kace?"

"Guess what I did yesterday?" I asked.

"Umm…skydived?" She said taking a lousy guess.

"No…I went to the skate park and guess who I saw?"

"No way?! Nate?" She asked guessing exactly who it was.

"We talked." I said, "We're going to go to dinner together."

"Dinner? That sounds like a date." She noted

"Oh come on…we're just friends." I told her.

"Shut up. You likey him and he likeys you back." She protested

"We'll see Lauren, We'll see." I told her trying not to get my hopes up.

"So have you told the rents?" She asked inquiringly.

"Well there is one little problem." I mentioned, "He's nineteen. I don't know how to ask my parents or even if they'll let me go and I already said yes."

"When in doubt lie," That was her famous advice to me.

"Lauren!" I said disputing the moral affliction.

"Do you want to see this boy or not?" She asked me.

"I really do." I said reluctantly…she was winning the argument.

"Then lie to your parents and tell them that you're going to spend the night at my house. Technically you're not even lying because you will be coming and spending the night at my house afterwards."

"What if something goes wrong?" I asked airing on the side of paranoia.

"You know I'll take care of it." Lauren said with certainty.

"You're so devious." I said

"I know…isn't it wonderful?" She joked back.

I just laughed, "Thanks for the advice Lauren."

"No problem." She said with a certain confidence about her.

"Alright so I'm spending the night on Friday." I asked for clarification.

"Yeah I'll ask my mom." She told me.

Lauren lives with her mom and her older half sister. Her mom is often drunk and usually doesn't care what we do so it was the ideal place to hang out if you want the adults not to notice you.

"Alright, talk to you later." I said

"Ok. Bye."

I walked into the kitchen later that night as my mom was making dinner. My mom is in her early 50's. She has light brown hair and if you pay attention enough she also has grey roots. Mom is also a few pounds overweight but she has a pretty face that you can't miss.

"Hey mom…" I said with the voice that warns her that I'm going to ask for something.

"What do you want?" My mom asked sensing my demeanor.

"Can I spend the night at Lauren's on Friday?" I asked

"Of course, are you girls going to go do something fun?" She asked me

"I don't know yet. I think we're just going to hang out." I assured her.

"Alright, just be good." She told me. "When are you leaving?"

"I should leave here about four thirty." I explained.

"Okay don't forget your toothbrush." She reminded me as I rolled my eyes that she would even say that.

"Okay mom." I said with a voice of annoyance.

It was all set. I could hardly wait. In two days I was going to be going to dinner with my hot skater, Nate. The only thing I had to do was look pretty and be there.

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