Author's Note: This was going to be written in story form, but since I was too lazy to actually write everything out in extreme detail I'm making it a play type thing.

Summary: Jesicka and Anitta are best friends. They've been through everything together, but how will they cope when they find themselves replacing death gods as repayment to the devil. Just what did they do again? And who killed Jesicka's mom? What do crazy neighbors with charcoal colored cats named Cole have to do with anything. And is it just them or has the whole town gone wacko?

Devil's Advocate

Begin Scene One Act One

Anitta: (Walks through the large doors of Saint Bernard High School, ignoring the whispers and stares of her much richer peers. Silently walking up to her locker she begins putting away her books. Only to notice a flash of brilliant yellow and pink to her right.)

(Enter Jesicka)

Jesicka: Hey Ani. How was summer break? (Says cheerfully walking up to Anitta wearing a bright yellow wife beater and a hot pink skirt that goes past her knees and lace gloved arms wrapped tightly around her books.)

Anitta: (Smiles, shutting her locker and turning to her childhood friend.) Hey Jes. It was okay. Same boring stuff as ever. How about your's?

Jesicka: (Shrugs, as her and Anitta begin walking towards their first hour class.) You know how it is. Parents and all being divorced. I spent a couple weeks with my dad, but my mom was being so frustrating that I wasn't allowed to stay longer. Sucks because we were going to go on a cruise with his girlfriend, Yalenda. She's really nice.

Anitta: (Laughs.) Wow that really must suck. I mean if I could go on a cruise I would jump off a cliff out of joy. Bet your mom was jealous and that's way you couldn't go.

Jesicka: Yeah, you could instantly tell the moment I got home. She had the look of the devil.

Anitta: (Laughs.) Wow, the devil? Really? That scary?

Jesicka: (Frowns.) You realize don't you. That the devil was actually god's most beautiful angel and that it's almost impossible for him to be hideous and grotesque.

Anitta: (Stops walking to gap at Jesicka.) You realize don't you Jes? That your starting to sound like a Satanist or something. (Continues walking.)

Jesicka: (Shrugs.) Don't really care. Just stating facts. Anyway, I was thinking of doing a séance at my house tonight. You know. Play some Ouija board and stuff. Maybe we'll contact the dead. (Smirks, blue eyes darkening.)

Anitta: (Laughs.) Cool. I'm totally in. But if you accidentally summon a demon or something creeper I'm totally out of there.

Jesicka: (Stares at Anitta with a serious expression.) We've done it a billion times before. It's not going to be any different, ya'know.

Anitta: (Mutters something about snacks under her breath so that Jesicka can't hear.)

Jesicka: Heard that. (Laughs.) I'll make sure to make lots of snacks so don't worry.

Anitta: (Smiles.) Perfect.

Jesicka: (Nudges Anitta lightly.) Come on pork chops, lets get to class. (Laughs.)

Anitta: (Punches Jesicka in the arm lightly.) Don't call me pork chops. I hate pork chops.

End Scene One Act One