Scene One Act Three

(The world around the girls is dark. Their eyes are shut tight to block out the screams and horrible heat hitting them full blast. An eerie creaking echoes loudly through the screams, like rusted bolts rubbing against one another repeatedly. Beside Jesicka, Anitta whimpers loudly.)

Jesicka: Shh, quiet Anitta. (Opens her eyes to see only pure darkness.) It's too dark to make things out.

Anitta: Jes, what are we going to do? (Breaths deeply before opening her eyes to look around.) Oh my gosh. I can't even see your face! (Gasps.)

Jesicka: It's alright. I don't hear anything anymore. It's so quiet… (Blinks, looking around in the absolute silence.)

Anitta: Is silence a good thing? (Asks hesitantly.)

Jesicka: Sometimes… depending on the situations. (Pokes Anitta in annoyance.) Now hush!

Anitta: Alrig- (Just as she's about to start her sentence a cold hand lands roughly on her shoulder. Screaming she makes to move away, but finds it difficult to move. Just as she's about to scream again a warm orange light flickers on behind her. Blinking she turns only to faint in shock.)

Jesicka: (Turns to Anitta with a slight frown. Moving so she can see the two tall figures behind them more clearly she makes out pure black charred angel wings and abundant horns. Only one thought comes to her at that moment, just as one begins to speak. "Demons.")

(A small smirk plays on the angelic figures face, completely contradicting his looks. Walking up to the two girls he kneels before them with a small bow, almost laughing at the blonde's look of utter shock. He looks to the brunette as she awakes, with an equal gesture.)

Damien (demon 1): Hello there ladies. I am Damian and this scary guy here is Trent. We are your demon guides. (Gives the two girls a toothy grin, sending shivers of fear down their spines.) Now, come with us. The lord isn't meant to wait long. (With that he stand and motions for the other demon known as Trent to pick them up from their waists and carry them like children in trouble.)

Jesicka: (Suddenly feeling bold and stubborn she starts kicking at Trent.) PUT ME DOWN YOU BIG HUNK OF STUPID! I'm not a child, I can walk! PUT ME DOWN! (Screams repeatedly, kicking at the demon. Then before she can even blink, Damian is in front of her.)

Damian: I wouldn't do that miss. If you touch this floor here you will be engulfed in flames immediately. So if you want to live please restrain from kicking my friend here. (With that he turns and opens a single charcoal colored door. Stepping inside he moves so that Trent can step inside before closing the door. Looking back at the girls he smiles.) You will meet our lord now, so please be on you best behavior. (Turning away he continues walking down a narrow hall, Trent in tow.)

Anitta: (After so long of being silent she finally speaks up.) Wow. We're about to meet the devil aren't we? (Asks no one in particular, but receives an annoyed huff from the demon carrying her.) Well now we can see if he's hot or not.

Jesicka: (Turns to Anitta incredulously.) I can not believe you just said that.

Damian: Ladies, please hold all conversation until you return to your own world. (Saying that, he opens another more elegant door and walks in, immediately bowing his head as he entered.) Your lordship, the ladies have arrived at last. (Moving so that the two girls had a better view of the Devil himself, he motions for Trent to release them.)

Trent: My lord. (Says in a deep handsome voice, dropping and moving away from the two girls to stand beside Damian.)

Anitta & Jesicka: Oh my… (Stare up at the most handsome man they had ever seen in their lives. Shocked to silence, they can only continue staring.)

Lucifer (Devil): Ladies. Welcome. Yes well, straight to exactly why you two are here. You see that this is the fifteenth time we've caught you contacting the dead. You realize it's breaking over forty two laws of death I'm sure. Cause of you the job of our Soul Collector is become more difficult by the second. You've been leaving open portals and doors that connect the underworld and the natural world. More and more souls are leaving my kingdom for the realm of the living. This is a huge problems because not all of them can be captured. So in return for your mistakes, you will be assigned as death gods, shinigami, or Soul Collector what ever you wish to call it. Your jobs will be to find, capture, and return all escaping souls here, to the under realm. Any questions? (Crimson eyes watch the two girls closely, looking deeply into their souls.)

Anitta & Jesicka: (Stand there in utter shock, staring at the handsome man with horror.)

Lucifer: (Grins, motioning from the two demons to escort the astonished girls out.) Farewell for now, ladies.

Anitta: We're death gods?!

Damian: Only until we've captured all the escaped souls. (Leads the other three towards another room that branches off of another hallway.)

Jesicka: Wait… I thought you said we'd burn instantly if we touched the floor! How come we can touch them now?? (Looks at her feet and the floor curiously.)

Damian: You won't burn anymore. You ladies are now officially part of the under realm community. Your death gods or Soul Collectors as we like to call them. Now this room here… (Opens a large oak door.) Has all your necessities. (Smirks at the looks of awe on the girl's faces.)

(Inside the room are different kinds of tools of torture and capturing. Also along the wall are black cloaks and the traditional scythes.)

Anitta: Wow, cool. (Walks up to the cloaks and pulls one over her clothes.) I look… AWESOME!

Jesicka: How can you be so excited? (Asks in surprise, also trying on a cloak.) Wow this is cool…

(The two girls turn back to look at the two demons only to find them gone along with all the other items. They were back in the abandoned house where they had first entered the under realm.)

Anitta: What in the world…? (Looks around in confusion, then fear.) This place still gives me the creeps, lets get out of here.

Jesicka: Um, yeah. Let's go. (They run up the stairs like the stairs are make of molten lava. Once outside she finally turns to Anitta.) What do you think will happen now?

Anitta: Not sure. (Bites her bottom lip in worry.) Lets get home.

(With that both girls quietly walk towards the car, neither making a sound on the way home.)

End Scene