Silence before the storm. I guess that's how you could describe me. I sit, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. And when I do It's devastating. The aftermath is all but rubble and

broken hopes. Star filled nights are splashed with the toxic blood of untrustworthy foes. Wings of angels lay smashed and forgotten in the middle of empty streets.

Hearts are torn from their resting places and ripped to shreds. Hanging in the minuscule balance is a s single mind. Moving rapidly between insanity and mental awareness. Hilts of knives

and guns painted a beautiful crimson. Cold glassy eyes. I laugh watching all of them hang in their miserable lives. Jealousy of the dead apparent in their echoing souls. Their cries and

woes go unheard to deaf ears. Lonely bodies lying listlessly beside each other. Holding hands and loving long. I laugh again. I'm a storm. I'm a monster, but I could care less.

Life had it's way with my deadening soul and now I'm repaying it with the same treatment. I want it to suffer. I want to see it crawl away with tears and soundless cries. I cry. I should

feel so satisfied by this feeling, but I'm not. It's not enough. Nothing I do now will ever change the things I had to go through. I smile as I turn my back to them and the rest of the world.

Looking up I see faint shadows in the distance. Focusing closely I can blurrily make out faces and expression. Smiles. Someone holds out their arms to me. I can't help but cry as I run

towards the small group. They encase me in their forgiving. I'm finally in my real home. Here. With my loved ones. They don't care for my demons. They seem me for what I really am. I'm

not a monster to them. I'm not evil. To them I'm a friend. To them I'm a person.