Summary: Cole is a normal kid, well as far as he knows. The truth is that he's a rare kind of human breed, otherwise known as a Humilos. A special kind of being that was created to serve a long dead kingdom. So why is it that he can't help but do what ever the school jerk says?


I run down the hall, my heart pounding loudly in my chest. My deep chocolate brown hair flies around my head, I know that it's becoming a disaster, but I can't even force myself to care. Glancing over my shoulder I can only see a smudge of green chasing after me. Taking a deep breath I turn a corner and into the closest door. Locking it and sighing loudly, I turn around and look around the somewhat dark janitors closet.

Perfect, that was the only word that came to mind at the moment. Feeling around the wall, looking for the light switch I bit my lip. It's not there. Using both hands I start searching wildly, finally finding it after a good two minutes. Letting out my breath I lean against the door, in relief. Glancing around I shiver in disgust. Staring up at the murky ceiling I finally turned to the door and swing it open, looking down the hall both ways before taking off to homeroom.

Stopping just outside my home room door, I peek into the half empty room. Good, my teacher isn't in yet. Turning the knob quickly I rush into the room and into my seat in back.

"Cole." Someone yells to my left, making me jump. Whipping my head around I stare at smiling hazel eyes.

"Jesus Kristen, Why do you always have to scare me?" I whisper harshly at the amused blonde girl beside me.

"It's just my job Cole-y-Kins, I live for scaring the ba-jesus out of you." Kristen winks, turning away from me to face the teacher who had just walked in.

"Cole, you were late again." he says blandly, marking a tardy in that annoying attendance book of his.

"How do you know? You weren't even I the class!" I yell, standing and pointing at him in accusation.

"Please Mr. Micheals, I have a class monitor." motioning towards a brunette in the desk beside his podium .

Growling I cross my Arms and take a seat again. I always knew that Jessica was a teacher's pet, but I didn't know it was this bad.

"Pst! Cole!" Kristen practically screams as she tries to whisper to get my attention.

"What?!" I answer back normally, not really caring if someone over hears.

"You got chased again didn't you?" She actually whispers this time, allowing only me to hear what she's asking.

"Yeah, so what? Happens all the time, gotten used to it already." I shrug, turning to stare directly at her if only to see her reaction.

"Well, you shouldn't be! Jason has no right to send his stupid friends to beat you up!" She says harshly, pinching my arm rather hard.

"Ow! What am I supposed to do? Kill him? Because that will only happen if I use my life savings to hire a sniper and take him out! Other then that I'm screwed for life!" I ground out, turning towards the window in an attempt to ignore my annoying friend.


Class is over and I start following Kristen out the door. I shouldn't go to lunch I remind myself repeatedly, heading in the direction of the cafeteria anyway. I almost fall over in shock when she whirls around and narrows her eyes at me.

"Cole, you are going to go get lunch, sit down with me and E-A-T it! Got that?!" she growls, turning her back to me and stalking off like a lion searching for her next victim.

Shivering in fear from my odd friends sudden tiraid, I go and grab some chips and a burger from the lunch line. Making a quick move around the crowded tables I head towards our comfortably empty one. Quietly sitting down across from the brooding girl in front of me, I slowly start eating. It doesn't seem like even two minutes pass before I feel a hand on my shoulder. Turning I notice to my surprise that it isn't just those lunatics that pick on me for their "leader", it was Mr. I'm so awesome I need to be punched. I stare at him with an even glare.

"Well, what have we got here?" The tall blonde beside me taunts, taking a seat and earning himself a huge scowl from Kristen.

"Go A-W-A-Y Jacob! Leave Cole alone!" She all but screams, close to pulling her large fake claws on him.

"Look, I was just going to get some lunch." Jacob says humorously, making me want to punch him more then usual.

"No one here is going to give you anything, you jerk." Kristen yells, tossing a green bean in his direction but missing completely.

"Cole here is right?" Jacob turns his "charming" smile to me as if we've been the best of buddies since birth.

Handing my untouched burger to him, I scowl at his smile. "Sure." I ground out only realizing too late that I had handed him my lunch. Slamming my head against the table Kristen watches Jacob walk away triumphantly. She turns back to me, probably ready to scream when I hold out my hand to stop her. "Yeah, Yeah. I know."

"Oh my god Cole, I can't believe you!" Kristen yells, slamming her lunch down and crossing her arms. "All this time that jerk has been bothering you. Oh yes, and what do you do? Hmmm I don't know, let's see. You jumped off a swing in the forth grade and twisted your ankle because he told you to. You purposefully fell out of our tree house when he told you to jump and broke your arm in middle school. Then just last year he told you to jump off the docks into the water and you almost died! Oh and not to mention that all that time he's been taking your lunch, school supplies, money, gym cloths, and who knows what else! When in the whole dang world are you going to stop listening to him! Your going to get yourself killed! I don't want you in a stupid hospital bed anymore! I swear if you don't do anything to stop this, I will never speak to you again." with that I watch Kristen walk away.

Feeling slightly guilty I stand and make my way out of the cafeteria. The campus around the building is full of students working on class assignments and eating lunch. I sigh. I know that it's weird and hard to explain, it's just that when Jacob tells me to do something I have to do it. It's like not right not to. Walking towards the secluded tree on the other side of the building I notice a girl staring at me. I shiver slightly at her cloudy colored contacts. She sure was creepy. I mean I've noticed her quite a few times, following me around mostly. Getting fed up with it after so long of her staring at me I make my way over. "Why are you always staring at me? Your contacts freak me out."

She smiles impishly, her thin brows coming together in an odd expression. "Oh my, you are one of them. I can tell by your eyes." stepping up to me she sticks her overly made up face into mine. "Wow, you're a Humilos. Oh, I'm so excited. I've never met one before. I've been told so much about you." Giggling she finally moves away, fixing her mesh leggings and odd black dress. Weirder yet is that it had an enormous amount of ruffles. It was almost scarring.

"What are you talking about?!" I wanted to rip her head open and see what she's thinking, it's so annoying.

"Well Cole Micheals. I am only to be known as Stickers and I have this theory. I'm sure…no I'm positive that you're a descendent of the last known servant breed known as Humilos. This race was once in connection to a powerful kingdom. This race was thought to be long extinct over… well a long long long long time ago. You see. The late late late Lord of this kingdom was a ruthless and brutal man. In less than one year he had gone through over seventy different servants. Then one day he kill his last servant and poof it was like the race disappeared. No one has ever seen one since then. Anyway the point is that you're the last one. Well the last known one… and I found you! And as I have been the one to find you, I must say that I find it in my jurisdiction that you be under my care." She flattens the small wrinkles in her dress while I stare at her in disbeleif.

"Your nuts…" I mutter, turning and starting to walk away.

"Well if I'm nuts then your more nuts because you're the one who has the problem, not me. I know you know what I mean. I know why you can't help but do whatever he says. Think about it." She calls after me, making me walk faster.