*Life Begins Here*

A doll played on life's strings. Surrounded in a sea of people who can't find their way. A place were love, confusion, and chaos render people helpless. Life has patterns and road blacks,

not one person is the same. The doll looks to the stars, who never seem to change and hopes that she won't be like the millions of others. She wants to spread her wings and fly to a

place where she knows she can succeed. Hoping one day everyone will find their place. She hopes one day they'll see their lives as half full instead of half empty.


Begin Here: The lonelyness of standing in a crowd of people who can't find their way, a lost puppy clinging to your leg like it's very life depends on it. Leaning away from the ones you love

to pace the long corridors of the future. Each door locked only to be opened by the knowledge of mistakes and understandings. Sitting in a chair waiting for it all to pass as the long sigh

of the dead sufficate your very being. Nothingness, an empty void in the deflated hopes and dreams of your parents. Love an illusion out of reach, out of mind. It stops here. Nothingness

again. Then a roaring of your soul. Illuninating the nights that your memory once erased. Hopes return in a brilliant flash. Again in a crowd. Living. Moving slowly with the pace of your

heart. Exaustion settles and you close your eyes. Begin Here.

Things in common: 1) Crowds 2)Hope 3) Chaos 4)Knowledge 5) Patterns

This was something I did in creative writing. I had to make a drawing and then describe it in this kind of format.