Little prayers for Sara Jane

Little prayers for Sara Jane never seem to reach,

little girl so quiet, God she does beseech.

Little doves so free to fly,

are shackled only to the sky.

Little songs so free to sing,

to quiet throats do they cling.

Little laughs no price to laughter, Sara,

don't you wish the laughter'd stay right now

and ever after.

"Would you like to sign up for the walk to Breast Cancer?"


"Oh really? Please take this in case you change you mind."

"I don't want it, you freaking retard."

"Alright then please have nice day."



Would you like to help?'

'Would you like to donate?'

'Would you participate?'


'No, all of you really couldn't care."

"Yo, Josh!"

"Hi, Nick.",

he smiled impishly.


a stout boy, nudges, excitedly.


Joshua asks coyly.

"Did you?"

The shakes his head playfully as if he still doesn't know what his friend is referring to.

"You jerk! Did you do Kristen or not!"

He laughed, darkly,

"Don't you think you should lower your voice?"

The tall and lithe brunette grinned.

"Come on, man, its Kristen! What happened?"

"What makes you think I'd tell you?"

Nicholas Giordano and Joshua White proceeded down the hall all the while the duo argued, in a way which would suggest an causal friendship. Nicholas was wide-boned with short dark hair and eyes which had a certain daft friendliness. He seemed almost a comical comparison to his even- tempered friend. Their droll conversation came to an abrupt end as a tall girl with light features turned the corner towards them. Receiving her glance, Joshua grinned a carnal smile. She returned his leer.

"Oh my God you totally did! Kristen Roth! You're such a lucky bastard and you won't even talk about it!"

"You make her sound like a Godsend.",

he huffed, cocksurely.

"Should have known you nail Kristen Roth and aren't impressed. Are you guys even going steady?"

"No, way the girl's too much of a prep. She's the one who asked out."

The other boy seemed flabbergasted,

"Yeah but even after you know."


"You know you guys-"

Joshua made a face.

"I told you she was the one who asked me out. The least she could do was let me have some fun.",

he smiled.

"Dude, does she know?"

"I'm sure she'll figure it out.

"Kristen freaking Roth. What I would do for Kristen freaking Roth."

The boy smiled at his friend and threw his arm around his neck,

"I still think you're cute, Nicky."

"Get off of me, you ass!"

The tall boy's voice darkened and lowered,

"Are you coming after school today?"

Late behind the school a group gathered in a little parking lot. The lot was littered with cigarettes and shards of shattered glass illustrating stories of past and present self-destruction. It was mid-fall and the began sky was darkening above them.

Summer's for brave, the sun always picking fights with those misbehave. In winter, sun grows tired and dims the earth quite quick. Left in the dark, the people become quite sick.


"Are you serious? This shit is worth twenty tops."

"I said fifty. Take it or leave it."

"What the fuck makes you think you can get so cocky kid?"

"If you don't want it then why don't you just go fuck and get someone else?",

the tall boy mutters defiantly.

Piqued the large boy begrudgingly yanks a wand of moist paper from his pants and throws it into Joshua's hand.

"It better be freaking good."

Its rather typical of them, miserly little pricks that they are. He commenced counted his earnings, one hundred, two hundred, three hundred, four hundred dollars. It was not terrible for one day's collection, he smiled. Despite their whining his clients were certainly loyal. He glanced at Nicholas, his eyes stolen and skin dampened by the drug. He winced ever so slightly.

"You almost off?"


he breathed heavily and repositioned himself,

"Give me a minute."

"Whatever. I'll grab my stuff and take you home."

Joshua rummaged through his bag, pensively. He sighed and threw one side over his shoulder. He drew back as suddenly a girl appeared before him.


he said staggered as the girl faced him, thoughtfully.

He stood wide eyed at the russet red headed girl and for a spilt moment took in her features. Her skin was wholly ivory as if untouched by both cosmetics and light and at the bottom of her heart shaped face, her lips were dark though not painted. This girl's face had a certain purity to it or so he thought. It was her eyes. Her tawny eyes were not as wholesome as her face. In the same which which they appeared angelic, they appeared cruel and deducing. The pairs' eyes narrowed simultaneously.

"You shouldn't use that type of language."

"Excuse me.",

he said woodenly.

She turned her head slightly,

"Is your friend alright?"

His tone grew slightly in aggression.

"He's fine. He's a little under the weather.",

he said darkly.

"Is he... high?",

the girl said unsurely, her voice still maintaining a certain strictness to it.

Her tone of voice made him feel like he was talking to a supervisor. It annoyed him greatly.

"I said it was fine. Its none of your busy."

Nicholas moaned slightly in the background.

Shut up, Jesus Christ.

"I'm going to go call someone."

He grabbed her arm,

"No, you're not."

She flinched almost violently,

"Please let go of me."

He didn't release hold,

"You can't tell anyone about this."

"Please let me go."

"Did you hear me?"

"Please let me go!",

she screamed becoming more and more distraught.

Her paranoia infected him and he covered her mouth with his hand.

"Just be quiet. What's wrong with you?"

The girl continued to convulse under his touch. Through his calloused hands he could barely make out her pleas, Please don't hurt me, Please don't hurt me. He continued struggling with her until he fell, her plunging into his lap. Dazed with the spasmodic girl still in his grasp he felt his fingers moisten. It took him a moment to realize that it was tears which ran over his fingers. Nicholas's deep groans began again and the strange girl's sobs fell silently through his hands. Feeling madden, he clung to the girl's slim waist and drew her into him.

"Shh.. please don't cry. Its alright now. Its alright now. I won't hurt you. Shh... Its all alright now."