Hello everyone!


So, it has been a very long time since I've posted any new writing on any of the sites that I have used. You have also probably noticed that I removed many of my stories from various places, including my website. Let me give you a brief explanation:

* I had kids

* I got divorced

*I'm back at Uni as a single mum of two kids under 5...

* It was expensive to pay for the amount of bandwidth I needed to have my stories on my website.

*I didn't want to leave everything up when I wasn't going to be monitoring my stories online.

With me?


So anyway...I have this problem. I read WAYYYYY too much. SO I decided to start writing again. Will they be super awesome quality, worthy of publishing? Pfft...probably not. But I am going to force myself to write a little bit everyday on whatever story I feel like. So, to get back into it, I'm going to continue all the unfinished stories i left hanging 5/6 years ago.

I debated whether or not to do this here or on Wattpad...and eventually decided on doing it here. I will upload everything I have so far and will hopefully get around to editing a chapter or two a week to make them less crappy :-) Everything that I have written so far is a first draft. None of my stories have been altered from the practice chapter by chapter writing I did years ago...and I started writing them as a twenty year old...so my opinions on them nine years later have most likely changed ha ha.

So anyway. These are practice stories for fun and most of them have been around for years and are easily identifiable as mine...so don't be an idiot and copy my work okay?


Chelle xx