I throw up my bloodied arms in frustration
I toss the flag of white dripping now with red
Screaming out with the pain of devastation
My heart explodes from the disease within my head.

And the explosion rings out across the landscape
A loud popping of sorts, an ugly little sound
Demons come in and begin to tear apart and rape
Any of the emotions I've got left lying around.

The explosion has ripped open my chest
Revealing a pulsing mass that throbs futily
The demons dig in and rip apart the flesh
Tearing out my heart and devouring it entirely.

My body quivers as I watch my own expiration
I'm trembling as the demons consume me whole
My lungs are pulled out, I've lost respiration
My cries are now strangled out of my control.

A set of claws head now for my eyes
Which stare on, paralyzed with fear
The claws gouge them out with in only one try
The empty sockets erupt in bloody tears.

More sharpened nails plunge into my skin
Effectively pinning me to the ground below
The monsters are tearing out everything within
Throat torn in half, my voice has nowhere to go.

My body finally slows it fruitless shivering
Acknowledging that the soul within is dead
One more strangled note echoes, quivering
And then from my body separates my head.

The demons step back to watch as I decease
Laughing now at the empty mass that I've become
Tearing me apart they found was a task of ease
And with one last convulsion, to death I succumb.

My dismembered body is tossed into a grave
As empty as the inside of my broken chest
They bury my remains without a marker to save
My place, but perhaps it was for the best.

Upon the blanket of my eternal bed
No flowers or plants will ever bloom...
The grasses are simply brown instead
Just like the walls of my forever room.

Passersby will never know of that day
The tragedy forever will go unheard
A fairy tale story that slowly fell astray
Until it became a tragic tale disturbed.

Within my little cavern, away I slowly rot
Until I've wasted away down to the bone
I've become the story that everyone forgot...
My struggle to love became forever unknown.

I'll never be visited by people who ever cared
And I'll never partake in a conversation with another
I'm destined to be the life of which people were spared
When I was destroyed by hatred and its brothers.

My whole life turned into one tragic tale
Of someone who wanted to love so desperately
But failed miserably and suffered through hell
Until she finally was forced to face finality.