Tick, tock, tick, tock, tickā€¦..
And the clock stops.
The seconds slow to the pace of a snail,
And still the torture's only just begun.

Your tormentor drones on,
And your eyelids droop,
As he drones on about evil plans,
And tortures he will inflict.

T-t-t-ick, t-t-t-ock, t-t-t-ick,
The seconds drag past,
And minutes seem eternities away,
And you know at least one thing,

The next Ice Age will come,
Before your torture's over,
You will never leave this hellish chamber,
Where brave men fear to tread.

And at last, a bell,
That rouses you from your pain,
And brings a sense of hope to you,
Double Maths is over.