Falling for the Artist


Chapter 1

Walking down the street Cassia Fuller was confused, it didn't look like a place someone might live in fact it looked like someplace they took to kill people. It was crowded with old warehouses and didn't smell to great either. She stopped at the last one at the end of the road oddly symbolic because the new job she was taking was the end of the road as far as jobs go. She knocked on the door and vaguely wondered if the would tell her she was lost but as the door opened she knew she wasn't.

The man standing in front of her was glaring at her like she had just stepped on his puppy but she had to admit the man before her could glare at her all he wanted if she could just stare at him, He had long auburn hair that was tied back by a leather cord, piercing green eyes and the body to make Channing Tatum jealous and that was saying something add to the fact that the body in question was covered in jeans that molded to his body in all the right places and a painted on white shirt she would pay good money to see him strip out of and she was surprised she could introduce herself, "Um, hi my name is Cassia Fuller I was told to come here for the personal assistant position?" His expression changed to one of relief.

"Oh thank God you're here, I'm Vincent Dumont your new employer I need you to do a lot of things and not to question why. Your salary will be 8,000 a week plus insurance and everything, that's beside the point you will move into the warehouse with me, It will be easier if I can reach you at anytime, you will gather my supplies for my art," he walked inside and she followed him to an office where he began to pull out paper from a desk so messy she wasn't sure it was a desk till she stubbed her toe on a leg, "stock the kitchen, schedule my appointments, dry cleaning anything I need you for basically you will be given a card in order to purchase anything pertaining to you job duties, I will let you know when I need something, now do you have any questions?" she blinked overloaded with information, "Did I just sell myself into slavery?" He blinked as she blushed and opened her mouth to apologize but he spoke first, "No you volunteered for it."



(A/N) Ok so I know it's a short first chapter but hopefully I'll have longer ones up soon this is my first time posting up my stories to read so please be gentle