So here I was again, in the damn principal's office. I mean most of it wasn't my complete fault. There was the one other person that was part of the fight too. And yet I'm the only one here that got into trouble.

"I'm very disappointed in you Elizabeth. This is the second fight you've been in. Do you want to tell me what's going on?" I looked up at him and straight into his dark brown eyes. "No. And the name is Liz, not Elizabeth," I barely mumbled. He shook his head at me and I almost gave him the middle finger. The guy was seriously making me even angrier as the time went on and if he wouldn't let me go soon, then I probably would explode.

"Well Elizabeth, today will be your lucky day. I'm letting you off with another warning and one detention. But if it happens again, then you'll be getting suspended. Got it?" Besides the fact that I wanted to punch him in the face for calling me by my full name again, I ended up just nodding my head. "That'll be all then. You may leave."

As soon as he said those very words, I quickly got up from my seat and went out of the office. I walked back into the crowded hallway and tried to shake the anger off. When I thought that I was almost completely free of it, I traveled in the direction of the exit. True, the school day wasn't completely over yet, but I hardly had any more important classes in the afternoon. The ones I did have, were boring and I felt had nothing to do with me. The teacher would just keep preaching like they had all the time in the world. What they don't realize is that there are more important things.

For example, the girl that just walked passed me. She had straight brown hair and eyes that looked like they came from some amazing place that I can't think of right now. Someone like her was obviously way more important then some stupid English class.

However, she wasn't important enough for me to want to go up to her. I have a girlfriend and our relationship is doing just fine for now. At least, I think it is. So besides the beauty that I just saw, I turned my attention away from her and onto another person that was walking towards me.

Crap. This was my day. It was Grace. "Hello Elizabeth Ann. I think you have some ink on the side of your cheek. Here, let me get it for you." Suddenly, before I knew what was happening, the blonde that I loathed with the very pit of my soul came at me with a black pen and drew a mark on my face. I felt the point digging into my skin and finally after I registered it, I leaned away.

Standing there looking at me, she opened up her mouth and started laughing with the group of friends that were behind her. Yes, they used to be my friends, but ever since I opened up to them that I was a lesbian they looked down on me in disgust. Especially Grace, who used to be my best friend.

So that was why I could never pull myself to tell her off like everybody else. And the whole loathing part, only seemed to get stronger and stronger with every passing day. This time though, I knew I needed to do something. True, my anger was lower then it was about twenty minutes ago, but this was something that was getting on my last nerves. I couldn't just stand here and take this. "Me. You. Out in the parking lot. Now."

I thought I saw some fear in Grace's eyes, but it was replaced with a drawn out smirk that came upon her thin red lips. "Fine. I have nothing better to do anyway." The group of people that were behind her became silent and she began to walk towards the exit with me in tail.

When we were finally out there, I was happy to see that there was no one in sight. Since, I felt like I couldn't just smash her head into the concrete without feeling weird afterwards, I stood there looking at her. If she wanted this fight, then she would have to make the first move, because there was no way I was going to risk suspension or having that guilt.

"So Elizabeth Ann, are we going to do this or not?" Ugh, why did she have to go with the full name thing again? I had enough of it with the principle. "Sure. Do whatever you want," I gritted out through my teeth. "Because you know you're not going to win Grace. Ever."

Again, I thought I saw fear enter through her bright blue eyes and her thin face drain of color, but it could have been a trick of the light. She came closer to me until I could feel her breath blowing on me and she pulled my dark black hair until I wanted to scream like some little girl. Without thinking, I pulled on her own blonde shiny ponytail, until it came lose. I then pushed her to the ground as if she weighed nothing and pulled myself on top of her. "You're going to get it real good," I said into her ear.

Grace's eyes narrowed and I felt her body shift under me, obviously trying to get up. A smirk drifted onto my own face and once again before I could even think about it, I felt her mouth come into contact with mine. My eyes widened in pure shock, not believing that I was kissing my ex-best friend.

It made me jump up and move away from her. "What the hell?" I asked her. Grace had gotten up from the concrete by now too and was now giving me a dark look. "What do you mean what the hell? You're the one that kissed me jerk." That just made the anger bubble up within me some more. "You know what Grace? I'll show you what my kissing is like and then you could judge for yourself who that was."

With pure frustration I moved closer to her and once more grabbed her silky blonde hair. I gave her a hot kiss on the lips, sticking my tongue inside of her mouth. After a couple of seconds, I was expecting her to pull away from me, but she didn't. Instead, she seemed to be joining in. I felt her kiss me more and the fact that she was now making out with me, was killing me inside, and yet at the same time I was loving it.

I closed my eyes and felt her hands untying my belt around my waist. Deciding to not think about it too much and to not think of my girlfriend, I did the same thing back to her, until we were both half naked. Without looking down at her I pushed her down against the concrete again, making my kisses more forceful along with hers. As our lips were still completely interlocked, I put one of my free hands in between her legs, feeling her most private part. I played with the curly light hair covering the region and felt my recent frustration turn into a desperate hunger.

Since I still felt I hated her, I decided not to ask if she wanted to keep going. I just made the decision myself and trailed my now sweaty body downwards until I was kissing her two large lips. Grace's hips buckled into me, making my kiss deeper and wetter. I knew she was getting hotter, so I took my two fingers and pushed them up her tight entrance. The girl practically screamed and I smiled with a pure sense of delight, knowing that even though part of her still didn't like me, she was loving this. I increased my speed, making her lean forward into me, while her body rocked slowly across the hard concrete.

Finally, I felt her come. She let out a gasp and her eyes widened with a pleasure that I never thought I would see again. Letting out a sigh, Grace dropped her head on my shoulder and began crying after a few moments. I closed my eyes again, knowing that I would have to be the one to keep back the tears for now.