I'm Leaving

It's over.
I won't be your mannequin anymore.
I won't be dressed up just the way you want me,
in fancy clothes that I would never wear.
We aren't five, and life isn't a game of dress-up.
I never tried to be a perfect Ken,
so why did you pretend to be the perfect Barbie?

I'm leaving.

You may have had me yesterday, but today, I'm free.
This face won't be next to yours every morning;
these hands won't be intertwined with yours when we walk;
these arms won't be holding you when you cry.
For I have already wasted too many tears,
and I'm content to pack up my bags and move away from this city,
just to be away from you.

So, find someone else's life to ruin,
'cause I'm gone.

Author's Note: this is different than anything I would ever write, but my friend told me to try and write a love-related poem. I did the best I could. Tell me what you think in a review.