2 Months earlier

The ashen teen darted for the rocks. He landed between a hole that couldn't be seen from the outside unless you knew it was there. The teen held his breathe.

'Don't move.' He chanted in his head. Multiple footsteps flew by in a fury, ineligible curses following suit. They had not seen the hole in which the boy had hid himself within. The teen didn't relax for as soon as they were gone he climbed out of the hole.

The teen of almost eighteen ran back towards the village that had, amidst much misfortune, been his home for seventeen years. He stopped near the edge of the village watching in shock and dismay as his home was aflame. The screams of his parents and little sister could be heard inside, trapped. It had been a new moon that night.


The boy jerked awake, eyes alert and searching for the noise he had heard. He was thankful to be awoken from his nightmare but the noise had been made by a human.

He sat up as the noise came again accompanied by feet padding softly across the forest floor. He moved quietly farther into the shrubs and pulled his black cloak tighter around him. He found it odd that humans were wandering around at night, especially within the forest.

That meant these men were up to no good with whatever they were doing. A lantern light came into view as men started to trudge by, every other one carrying a wooden crate. He watched them silently as they went by.

He moved his hand and accidentally snapped a twig. The men nearby who for whatever reason were listening intently to their surrounding had stopped. A man with his hands free started in the teen direction.

The teen held stiffened as the man began to part the bushes that held him from view. Suddenly a white weasel darted out from where he was, surprising the man. The man jumped back then cursed at the weasel. The teen from behind the bushes sighed in relief. He shifted back against the rocks as the men continued on their.

As the white weasel came back behind the bushes, he held out his had. The white weasel climber up his arm and was greeted by another weasel that was brown. They both disappeared within the cloaks hood on his back. He smiled slightly then moved away; he needed to find a new resting spot.

//Morning came and found the young man standing near the gate entrance to the river port; Rivaera City. He was nervous and wasn't sure what he was going to do, after all this was the first that he'd been on his own. And though miles from his old home, he still felt that the people would hate him to and drive him out if they knew who he was.

He pulled his hood up over his head and kept his head down, keeping his starlight orange eyes out of sight. He made his way into the bustling streets of Rivaera. As he walked the bricked streets, his eyes never wavered from the ground.

He began to think coming here had been a bad idea. He didn't know where to go or how he was going to take care of himself. He didn't think anyone would want to help him, being the stranger that he is. He felt lost wandering the streets of Rivaera.

"Hey!" someone shouted. He kept worrying over on what to do next and ignored the voice yelling at him.
"I said hey!" They called out again. He was surprised as he was jerked backwards by a hand. Standing in front of him, stood the lanky boy that hadn't quite hit full maturity yet. He pulled his hood down quickly to keep his eyes hidden. The lanky boy started to talk to him, but he couldn't understand him. He spoke a different tongue. The lanky boy started to switch through languages he knew till he came to the one he could understand.
"Hello?" He blinked.

"Hello…." He replied softly. The lanky teen smiled in triumph.

"Hey mister, you look a little lost."
"I'm not a mister…." He mumbled.

"Oh well, we sure don't get a lot of young wanderers like you here often."

"I'm not a wanderer either." He told the teen in his soft voice.
"I came a long ways to get here."

"Really? Where'd you come from, up North?" The teen asked.

"You could say that."

"Hey that's neat! Say what's- Whoa, is that a weasel?!" The lanky teen all but shouted pointing to the white head that was peeking out from within the hood. He nodded.

"Cool! I thought those things made horrible pets." The lanky teen smiled widely.

"These two are good; ever since I helped them they've been stuck to me." He informed the other teen. The teen nodded, intrigued.

"So anyways, you just arrived here right? I know a place where you can stay!" He wondered if he should accept the lanky boys offer, but before he could think of an answer the lanky boy had grabbed him and pulled him along down the street.

He found himself in front of an Inn and being dragged inside. The teen shouted at some lady who smiled and came over.
"I see you brought us another customer Neo. How long will you be staying with us, traveler?"
"…I don't have any money." I mumbled in embarrassment. The teen, now known as Neo, blanched. The lady with kindness though smiled gently.

"We have some jobs in need to be done; you can do them for food and board if you like." He smiled in relief.

"Thank you. That would be nice."

"Oh yeah, what's your name weasel guy?"


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