So this is an Authors note!
I just realized you guys never knew neither Kids nor Neo's description.
Well you know Neo is a lanky teen and Apparently Kids 19 which I forgot. I have this whole notes section now in the notebook just so I can remember things.

Anyways this note was just to inform you of the eye color and hair color of Neo and characters to come. Oh and Kids look.
So yeah, Kids hair is black by the way, at least thats how I remember it being before I wrote the story up. And his eyes are actually similar in color to Era's, you know the new character?
And Neo's hair is brown, by the way if I don't tell you the hair color of any random new or nameless side character in the story their hair color is probably brown.
Yes well onward! I'll post a next chappie up.....when I get around to typing it.....but since only three people have read the newest chapter thats not going to be anytime soon.
My twin says I should make this an mpreg because then people would love this story but I already planned out this entire story. Thats what a sequel of a sequel is for! :D
So apparantly my sister wants a third sequel. :/ Maybe I'll make it a trilogy? I'll see if I like the sequel enough to make it a trilogy. So yeah, thats all I wanted to say, sorry for those who alerted this seeing as how this isn't an update, but you learn some new info! :D sort of.....Yeah!