HEY! Okay so this is my very first story, so any comments at all are welcomed :D

Anywaaays, let me explain the story's font to you

Bold = Rikki writing in her journal

Underlined=writing in her computer or cell

Normal= what is happening in the story

-Italic- =Rikkis thought

Rikkis nicknames are-

Rikki Rich





Jared's nicknames are-



Luna's nicknames-



Moony (Luna means moon in Spanish)

Ians nicknames-


Citrus boy

The minion

Carmens nicknames-


Starbucks (rikki misses her coffee)


June 24

Look, this is TECHNICALLY homework, so I won't be like "OMG dear diary...this, dear diary that..." okay?

Dear who ever will read this next year.

You will know how my summer went and everything, but I won't get all mushy and spill all of my "feelings" in this stupid JOURNAL. That's right. It's not a diary, it's a JOURNAL. I consider I am making a statement by NOT writing this in a fancy-shmancy diary, no-no my dear reader, I decided to write this in a plain old notebook… so yeah take THAT government, or whoever is in charge of this. AND I will not call it's a JOURNAL... simple as that.

Okay, so where to start? The beginning sounds like a good place...

I never thought of myself as a girl who would keep a diary to write all my mushy feelings and "express" myself and all of that crap, but when the stupid school gave it to me as a summer assignment; I couldn't simply say "OH HELL NO!" And believe me; I tried SO very hard to convince my teacher to give me any OTHER assignment, but NOOOO he just simply likes to see me suffer.

He said, and I quote, "You have to learn how to express yourself through writing."

Good God give me a break you old man!

At the moment the simple idea seemed the worst thing EVER, but now that my OH SO RICH PARENTS decided that bringing a 16 year old with them to their vacations would ruin them, I'm being sent to summer camp, and I have no say whatsoever in the matter.


Three days ago my mother came into my living room (yeah, I have a living room in my room. I forgot to mention I'm kind of, sort of stinking rich...but my living room's nothing major-- just a plasma screen TV, a small couch, a love seat, a green bean bag, and a small table) and we had this conversation:

"Hello Rikki,"

"Hey mom," I said as I took off my headphones.

"Rikki, we are sending you to summer camp."


"Look honey your dad and I figured out it would be best if you spent the summer vacation with kids your age, you'll have fun."

"Mom that's SUCH a LAME EXCUSE. You and dad just don't want me to ruin your summer filled with casinos, parties, and you know! Another bunch of stuff I can't do!!!"

"That's not true honey, but you are going and that's the last I want to hear about this..."

And with those last words my mother left my room, but most importantly left me by myself. Every summer since I was 10 has been this way, but because I was 16 this year I thought it was going to be different. I guess I was wrong. I was so upset I threw a glass vase against the same door that my mother had just closed some seconds ago.

Then I started crying, which I hadn't done since the summer I was 10 and found out they were leaving me behind at some camp, so they could go on vacations to a random place in the Mediterranean Sea.


Later that night during dinner I didn't feel like eating, I just kept poking my food and kept my head down. But this was a typical dinner in the Ventury house, I was silent, my dad was on the phone, and mother was sketching a new bridal dress she was designing, or answering e-mails from her black berry.

Suddenly she stopped and looked at me.

"Rikki I know that you are upset about summer camp, but you know I just spoke to Jared parents and they said that, he is going too, and that he invited a friend, and apparently so is that Luna girl" she stopped and for the first time she looked at me straight in the eye.

"I don't care" and that was the truth, Even if Jared was my best friend (it didn't matter he was a year older) because when we were little he and I were the only kids in a neighborhood filled with old rich people who though too much of themselves. So we became fast friends.

"and don't call her 'Luna girl' " well Luna... what could I say about Luna she and I had been best friends since just 8 months ago, but she was seriously one of the best friends I´ll probably ever have.

Then out of the blue my mom added "And you won't be going there as a camper any more. You'll be there as a counselor."

"Oh, joy ill go to the same camp I have been going since I was 10 but now as a counselor, gee mom that makes everything better..."

My father got off the phone "Rikki don't use that tone towards your mother, you are going .and that's final."

"But dad…"

"No buts Rikki, Jared's going, and so is his sister Ashley, and that Luna girl... if you don't feel satisfied you can invite that gay friend of yours'

"Dad! Ian's NOT GAY!!!!"

"Well he sure looks like it..."

"God!" I stood up and went stomping to my room, when I got there I slammed the door and locked it.


I grabbed my laptop and saw Ian was in IM, thank god!!


Dude i gt in 2 a BIG fight wth my parnts


wht hapnd?


im bein snt 2 summr cmp again!


wow,dats harsh...


Yeah & after givin me thos lovely news they calld ya gay!


ow,dat hurts


Will ya com wth me ,jared,and luna 2 camp loserview?


Uh, sure... its not actually calld tht rite?


No u big idiot its actual name is camp LAKEview.. but jared & i have called it LOSERview ever since da first time we went der.


Oh, ok...brb gotta go ask my foster dad


thaks a ton Citruse


He said yes!and why do you keep calling me dat?


SWEET!... just 4 da fun of it


:| so who els is goin?


Uh...u, me, jared, luna, ashley...




i agree shes a total bitch!


Any1 else we know?


uh, i think jared invitd a friend or somethin


and ashley will probably invite her minions..umm ,i mean friends


hahah lol... but yea probably


her friends give me da creeps


remember wen the goth one punched me in da stomach?


haha because u called her emo?yea, and den the blond one was flirtin wth me... and i ws like wtf?


hahah da only reason i think camp mabe fun is bcause we cn pull pranks on dem!!!


u criminal mastermind!



just then i heard a thump in my balcony's door, which only meant one thing


hey dude g2g jareds outside, which means somethin important just happned


oh how romantic, will he say romantic stuff from your garden like in romeo and juliet?


shut up.


hahah jk, talk 2 u l8r


sure thing

With that I closed my laptop, and went to the balcony to open the glass door. When I opened it a shoe hit my face.

"OW! Jared you idiot!!!" and I threw it back

'OW! Rikki!! I didn't know you were there yet, I'm going up 'key? '

"Sure thing"

He started climbing the tree which was closest to my balcony, when he got to where the old tree house was, he just jumped out the small broken door and Landed with a soft thud.

I clapped sarcastically "You should join the circus spider-monkey"

"Dude I've been doing this since we are 7 ,you should be worried if I didn't do it right by now" then he went into my room ,sat down in the couch and turned on the TV.

I couldn't help but look at him, he had very dark brown hair, with bangs that sometimos covered his eyes, it looked kind of emoish. He had light brown eyes that looked like honey, he was well built but not bulky and his skin was a little pale. he was so perfect... no wonder that two years ago I had had a HUGE crush on him, but not anymore, I mean he was gorgeous but I felt nothing for him anymore...

and WHY in the world am I WRITING this here... in this god damn journal !?!?!?!

"So what's the story this time?" I asked him as I went into my walk in closet to put on my PJ´s

He turned off the TV "Nothing major... just that we are both apparently going to camp loserview..."

I took off my shirt and put on an over sized yellow shirt, and some small blue shorts, when I came out of my closet he was still sitting in the couch.

I went to sit in the green bean bag chair that was just in front of him, took off my contacts and placed them in a small table which was besides me.

I was blind as a bat without them, but they made my eyes very tired, so I had to take them off now and then.

Closing my eyes and leaning my head against the bean bag i answered."Yeah, I know that...Ian's coming too, and Luna....and your sister and her minions and did you invite friend?"

"Well, you are pretty well informed. And yes I am inviting a friend"

"Is it someone I know?"

"He is from school, I think you've met him a couple of times in my house his name is Noah"

I thought for a second "Nope doesn't ring a bell."

"You know, he's about as tall as me, brown hair, blue eyes, has a surfers tan..."

"Nope, still nothing."

"You´ll meet him the first day of camp..."

I reached for my glasses, but they fell to the floor stood up to get them, but guess what? Since I´m blind as a bat without them I tripped with an unidentified object and hit my head with the couch.

Apparently Jared thought it was hilarious and started laughing.

"It's not funny dude!" I said throwing what I though was a pillow at him

"ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha... MISSED ME!"

"What did you expect? I can't see!!! God sometimes I swear you are such an idiot, ha-ha-ha-ha'

After about 9 minutes of non-stop laughter we finally stopped

"Ha-ha, oh god, my stomach hurts..."

"Ha-ha, I haven't laughed like this in a long time Rikki"

"Me neither sparky"

"Why did we start laughing anyway?"

"Ha-ha I honestly don't remember"

"Well, look at you you actually had a laugh attack over nothing for about 9 minutes…" I said finally opening my eyes, he was normally a very serious person.

"You bring out that crazy part of me"

"Well it's because I'm crazy"

"Yes you are Rikki Rich"

"By the way I have to put my glasses on or I´ll fall out of the balcony."

When I got a hold of them I stood up and put them on. I could see again!!! It´s a Christmas miracle!

He stood up " I should really get going, my mom will be so worried, you know my dad and sister couldn't care less but she does .I don't want her to get all worried"

"Sure thing" I said and punched him in the arm

He went towards my balcony "Night Rikki rich."

"Night Sparky he-he'

He jumped from the balcony to the tree house, and I closed the glass doors.


Buuuut, that was three days ago, now this has caught up with the present, and I am about to go to sleep since its 1:43am and I'm supposed to wake up at 8am, so I have time to shower and dress .because i have to be there at 9 before all of those stinking campers , plus the camp director will tell us a bunch of rules and blah, blah, blah...

I guess this is enough for now, so umm good bye journal...?

I finally close my stupid note book...thank GOD! It took me long enough; I can't believe that I will actually be losing part of my summer writing this crappy journal.

I have to get up early tomorrow, because I´m a counselor and have to be there before all of the crappy campers show up.

I lie down in my bed and pull the covers over me.


'DONT WANNA BE AN AMERICAN IDIOT....'green day's song is booming from my i-pod's speakers.

"Ugh…," I sleepily turn and reach out to turn off the annoying, monstrosity (wow big words Rikki... considering it's around 8:00 in the morning!!!) off, but since I can find the right button I just pull until the abomination unplugs. Pulling the covers over my head I start drifting off to sleep.



I open my eyes in shock and react by throwing the covers off me, grabbing my contacts as fast as I can and placeing them in my eyes.

I check my neon green wrist watch... its 8:34!!!

"Shit. Shit! Shit!!" I chant as I sprint into my personal bathroom.

I force the small blue hair brush through my red "afro" (yes I get an "afro" if I don't brush my hair after I take a shower) after about 4 minutes trying to get my mass of curly red hair to look presentable when I decide it's good enough and make it into a messy pony tail.

I looked at myself in the mirror: practically blind hazel eyes, rebeliousl curly red hair, and tan skin from all that skate boarding, some freckles here and there...I wasn't ugly, but I wasn't beautiful either.

Running towards my closet I open every single drawer looking for something to wear,yet since I had apparently packed everything cool or at least decent I have in my closet, I settle for the green shirt, a brown vest, dark brown shorts, and my green vans.

Hurrying to my living room I grab my duffle bag and my skateboard, stuff my cell phone, i-pod touch ,PSP, and my "journal" into my backpack, to then proceed down the hall.

I slide down the railing of the stairs, landing right beside my very angry mother.

She either woke up having a bad day or I caused her to go into her don't-touch-me-or-I'll-kill attitude.

I actually don't care how, but just seeing her all ticked off makes my day. And now I have her angry face to remember for the rest of the month! SWEET...

I hurry to the kitchen, stuff a pop tart into my mouth, drop my skateboard onto the floor, and prepared for takeoff.

But noooo that can't happen...screw you karma!

-mental note: if you see an old lady in a wheel chair struggling to move, help her!...that way maybe your karma will go up some points-

I get a lecture on my transportation, outfit, and I am reminded that i should behave well as a counselor since I'm technically representing the Ventury family.

After about 9 minutes of tuning out my mother, I'm allowed to get going to the "meeting place" for camp loserview, which is just a lame old park.

About 8 blocks down I see a girl and a boy that look around my age running out of a house. The boy with shaggy hair hops on his own skateboard while the girl... who i assume is his sister, just runs as fast as she can besides him.

Ha! They're late, just like me!

I look at my watch "Shit!" i only have 7 minutes until 9:00.

Go faster! You damn skateboard.

I glance at Shaggy (that's his nickname) and catch him looking at me. Then he speeds up on his skateboard.

Oh, ok. He wants a race? I make a devious smile...I'll give him a race.

"Eat my dust, Shaggy!" I yelled as I attempted to make myself go faster.

He doesn't look at me or reply; apparently he is just too busy flying over the sidewalk. This guy has a humongous ego. I wonder if he'll make a tantrum once I crush it, or even better if he'll cry!

When we get to the end of the street I can finally see the park.

I have no idea where he's going but I sure beat him to the end of the street. Just after I cross the street the light goes I know that if shaggy was planning on crossing the street he would have to wait!


The park is not that far away, just a few more minutes…

"YEAH!" I shout, after I nose grind down the rail of stairs which are the entrance of the park.

It takes me about 50 seconds or so to find "the meeting place" when I do I speed up. I'm almost there, in the spurr of the moment I make a 180 and land just besides Ian.

"Hey Rikki" Ian says "I see that you took a long time to do your hair..."

"Shut you pie hole Citrus Boy" I say as I punch his arm

"Why do you keep calling me that? You gave me that nickname when we were 10"

"Sorry dude but something's never get old, and you still remind me of a citrus"

Hey don't look at me like that, it was the simple truth! every day, ever since i met him Ian has yellow, orange, white, or tan shirts... he reminds me or an orange, or a lime, or something citrusy.

Plus his light brown hair and greenish\yellowish eyes didn't help him at all with the whole "Citrus Boy" thing.

"Hey... Rikki let's just say that YOU haven't exactly expanded your horizons either... well at least not by much"

"What's wrong with wearing brown, blue, tan, pale yellow and different shades of green as your every day colors?"

"Nothing, but don't criticize MY choice of colors either...uh,umm COLD ONE!"

I slap my fore head with my hand...

"YEAH, THAT'S you new NICKNAME, COLD-ONE! Ha-ha!!!"

"Have you been watching twilight-the movie?"

"Uh... no" then he made his trying-to-hard-to-make-a-convincing-lie face

"Dude you are seriously making it hard for me to defend you against people when they call you gay"

"Well, you know I'm not... and you know that if I was you would be the first one to know."

"Yeah, I know that...citrus" then I punch him in the arm.

Just as I do that I see Jared walking towards us

"Hey Rikki Rich what's up?"

"You know. Same old, same old"

"Did you get here late, because you didn't wake up in time?"

"Yeah, pretty much... sweet huh?"

"Ha-ha sure thing"

We high fived...and I notice he has coffee.

"Oh, coffee gimme, gimme..." I reach out to take it but he puts his hand on my fore head and stops me (yeah, Jared's about a head and 1\2 taller than me).

"Now Rikki what did I tell you about trying to take peoples coffee?"

I try to fight back but he just stands there, holding my head with his hand.

"So what, if have caffeine issues, SUE ME!" and with that I move to the side, and grab his free arm in an arm-lock. Then I hit the back of his knees and make him fall to the ground. "Now where, were we Jared? ...oh yeah, you where about to hand over you coffee!"

"Okay, sure whatever. Take it Rikki Rich ... but you better enjoy it" I let his arm go and take the coffee.

I smell it -oh, sweet caffeine goodness!-

"I ALWAYS enjoy my coffee you idiot" I take a slow sip,

-oh god!-

He stands up and dusts off his black skinny jeans. "Well you more than ever-"

"What are you talking about you idiot?" I look at him and take another sip.

(Okay so I use the word IDIOT far too much, but I can help it, it's part of who I am.)

"-there's no coffee in the summer camp."

I start chocking with my coffee. Who knew something so delicious could be so deadly.

Ian comes to my side and gives me a pat in the back. "I feel your pain Rikki"

"Are you serious Jared? How will i survive with no coffee for A MONTH?!?!!?"

"Yes, I'm serious. But why can't you? You've come to this camp before, and you NEVER had coffee"

"Dude, don't you remember? We stopped coming here when we were 13! When I became a coffee-dependant was when I was 14!!!" then I take yet ANOTHER sip of coffee

"Oh that's right… Ha-ha too bad for you Rikki!"

Ian looks at him "oh, come on Jared. It's not for bad for HER! It's bad for US!"

"What the hell are you talking about?" I ask as I take another sip... I really had to stop depending on coffee.

-metal note: try to find something to fill up the void once you get to camp, where there'll be NO COFFEE...D: -

"Yeah man what ARE you talking about?" Jared asks in a confused voice

"Jared thinks about it, she will have to be without coffee which is kind of like her anti-drug, and she totally depends on it to live-"

"EH-EM! Can we get to the point Citrus??? I mean I know I have something that you might call coffee issues" I make air quotes as I said coffee issues "but can you get to the FRIGGIN POINT?!?!" then I take another sip of coffee, it WAS SO GOOD!

-Mental note-ask Jared where he got this-

"Sure Thing Ri, where was I? Oh yeah...but Jared and I will have to put up with that mood of yours when you didn't drink coffee… I swear dude its worse than when your PMSing!"

Jared just stands there with wide eyes "Damn... I hadn't thought about THAT, remember last time?" he shudders "not pleasant, I'll go get you another cup Ri" he turns around and walks away.

"Ha-ha-ha-ha, yup and you'll have to put up with me!!! FOR A WHOLE MONTH, MWAHAHAHAH" then I drank the last sip of my coffee. Oh sweet, sweet caffeine

"You'll NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE!" Ian turns as if he is about to run but he crashes against...shaggy?

They both fly to the ground.

"SCREW YOU MAN LOOK WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU GOING!!!"Shaggy screamed as he checked his skateboard... he hadn't even LOOKED at IAN TO SEE IF HE WAS OK! What was with him!?

I go up to where shaggy is, wow he was almost as tall as Jared (or maybe I was just a pigmy)... I don't care NO-ONE shouts to one of MY best friend and gets away without getting hurt!

"Dude, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!" I poked him in the chest and he just looks at me.

"Uh, do I even know you?-... didn't I race you back there?"

"NO YOU DONT, BUT YOU DONT KNOW HIM EITHER! AND YOU HAD NO RIGHT TO TALK TO HIM THAT WAY!!!" I poke him a couple of times again "AND YES IN FACT YOU DID, and I totally KICKED YOUR ASS!" then I push him and turn around to go and check if Ian was ok.

"Hey, if you don't mind me telling you, I DONT LIKE TO BE POKED" he shouts.

"WHATEVER!" I shout back without even looking at him and then slip him the bird.

I hear him coming after me in his skateboard turn around when I know he is behind me.

"What's your DEAL girly?"

I just glare at him... oh-ho if looks could kill he'd be dead

"Are you mad because I hit your WITTLE BOYFRIEND?... oh does you wittle boyfwiend need you to wesue him?"

-that does it; this idiot is gonna pay... god-damn it! He's SMILING!-

I hear Jared shouting, "Rikki ,Rikki hold you horses!" Oh, he knows me so well. He knows that I'm about to beat the crap outta shaggy!

But it's too late, not even Jared can stop me now.

So I gather all the strength I have in my arm , look him in the eye... and then I punch his nose!

"OW! ,shit.shit.shit!!" he shouts as he grabs his nose.

And what do I do? I just smile! Someone comes behind me and holds both of my hands in my back turn around to look at the culprit.


Then i practically hiss at him "what the hell are you doing dude?"

"Trying to keep you from killing Noah" he hisses right back

"Oh...Noah?...your friend?" well, this is embarrassing

"yes Noah my friend you idiot, now just stay here"

He lets go of my hands, and goes over to where Noah is...then Ian comes besides me.

"You all right there Shorty?"

"I've been better Citrus, what about you?"

"Some minor scratches here and there but nothing major..."

Then there's an awkward silence before we turn out attentions towards Sparky and Shaggy.

"Hey man"

"Don't you 'hey man' me... I think that tinny bitch broke my nose!"

"Hey don't you go calling her a bitch! But ,yeah, she's a real hard core case." then he looks at me and laughs "come here Rikki Rich" I go ,stand beside him and cross my arms "Noah, this is Rikki, Rikki this is Noah"

I glare at him "I know I should say pleasure to meet you but since we already met, and there is no pleasure with the fact that I am standing in front of your ugly, blood splattered, face... then I won't say it" after my little speech I give him a sour smile.

"Oh, and whose fault is it that it has blood?"

"The guy's that called me girly, pushed one of my best friends, then insulted him ,mocked my already mentioned friend... and who's ass I kicked in our little skateboarding race"

Jared looks at me and then smiles like a proud father "Ouch that ought a hurt..."

"Not as much as that punch in the nose... but I ought a admit" then he looks at me "you know how to bring a guy to his knees, and I'm not only talking about myself" then he looks at Jared again "dude she totally owned you when you wrestled for that coffee!"

I smile like a first grader, who just got a gold star.

I look at Jared "Why yes I did own you in that wrestling match, didn't I Sparky?"

He smiles "Shut the hell up Shorty" they he ruffles my hair

Then I look at Shaggy "Dude don't worry, I didn't punch you hard enough to break that nose... it'll probably hurt for a few days and swell, but besides that no surgery or anything"

"So, I take your knowledge as a peace offering?"

Jared and I laugh. Shaggy still had to get to know me "Not as far as you know" I answer smiling.

I turn around and start walking back to where Ian's sitting and reading my journal...? He is reading my journal?

I sit beside him and punch is arm. The note book falls out of his hands.

"OW! Rikki that hurt!"

"Why in sams heck, were you reading my diar- I mean journal?!?!" I bent over to pick it up.

"Well, umm I was bored and I decided to look for something to draw on, through you backpack, because I know that you always have something to draw on and then I found this note book. But when I opened the first page to look through your drawings I found all of this writing, and I didn't know it was your journal, because well you were never the kind of girl that gets all mushy and writes down her feelings...but then when I started reading it I found out it was you journal, but by then I became interested in it so I had to keep on reading..." he looks at me with a smile "and now I'm just rambling because I'm nervous and I think you'll kill me"

"Well I did consider killing you but then I wouldn't have and annoying friend to make fun of" then I smiled at him "and making fun of you keeps me entertained" then I punch him again.

"Ow... what was that one for?" he asks while he's rubbing his arm.

"That was just for the fun of it!"I smile at him… Wait a minute "hey Ian"

"What's up?"

"Where is that darn camp director?"

"I actually have no idea...let's go ask the others Shorty"

We were walking up to where Jared and Shaggy were, but all of a sudden a girl taller than me (seriously is everyone here taller than me?) stooped us. She seemed familiar oh I think she is shaggy siste-

"Why the heck did you punch my brother in the face?" she demands

Yup that proves my theory "Because he was being a bother" I try to pass by her but she blocks my way.

"Look I know my brother can be a pig head sometimes but that does not give you the right to punch him!"

"Look, I have nothing against either of you, but he was being an idiot, and unless you move out of the way, ill hurt you too!"

"Oh come on. Are you always this violent?"

"Yeah, pretty much" i try to get past her but she blocks my way again, this time I don't care and I shove her out of the way

"OW, what's you problem?"

"What's YOUR problem?" I ask as I turn around, she stands up too and we look at each other straight in the eye.

Then Ian interferes "Hey guy let's not fight okay?" he turns towards Ms. Fuzzy bridges "So umm, I'm Ian Johnson ...what's you name?"

"Im Carmen Santos" she turns towards me "and you are..."

"Rikki...Rikki Ventury"

"Oh, well nice to meet you" she looks at Citruse"So Ian, you a counselor too huh?"

"uh, yeah I am" then I saw a faint blush in his cheeks

Oh god..Not this again, he was falling for her...her of all people!!! I mean sure she had perfectly brown and wavy hair... and shiny blue eyes, a great body ,and a surfers tan... which probably meant she surfed, and that probably where her great body came from...but...but she, uh...

Oh okay so she was perfect! But still I didn't want them together!

What i hear from the rest of the conversation was...blah,blah. Honor student. blah,blah. Kids are so nice. blah,blah. I'm happy I came. blah,blah,blah,blah,blah...but then I heard her say 'ha-ha-ha oh my gosh, you are so funny Ian... hey, do you like want to sit together in the bus?' and then he was like 'uh, yeah, that...that be great'.

My cell phone beeps, and when i open it i see i have a text from Luna

Dude, moms car broke down... skating as fast as i can, don't let dem leav me b-hind

-God, classic Luna... stuff ALWAYS happens to her-

As I close my phone I see a short (she was so short she was about my size!)and bulky ,black haired, black eyed, pale skinned women[A/N i imagined the camp director like the teacher from the Lizzie Mcguire movie]...she takes out a whistle and blows as hard as she can a couple of times.

When she was sure she had our attention, she walked up to a picnic table and stood on it.


-Wow for a women so small she has a very loud voice-


i heard some mumbles come from the few of us who were there.

"OKEY!!! SO:













With that rule ALL of us groaned...





I raise my hand high up so she can see it.


i chant in my head. -please let it be Ian or Jared, please let it be Ian or Jared, please let it be Ian or Jared…-