This is the story,
of a dude named Stitch
He found himself in a bit of a

It was his birthday and the government called
it was about his position as poet laureate,
he recalled,

He said "Hey Lilo,"
"The government wants me to write shtuff."
So he sat down,
and wrote a diamond in the rough,
and he called it a diddy,
but it really was a rap

and with folk music in the background
people gathered all around to see what
he had done.

He said:

"Once there was a dinosaur, and
it's name was Steve,

Steve liked to eat a certain kind of leave
but there were none around
So Steve laid down on the ground
and some long necks found
him starving

And they told him, hey dude
We found the stuff you like man,
And then he said his name was Stan.

Now Stan the man and Steve the guy
Who only ate a certain leaf,
Were sitting on the shore looking at the coral
Down on the beach
Saying damn, that lunch was good.

If only I had some beef,
to make some Dino cake
and catch the eye of that
Fine T-rex
from the Tex-mex one island over."

"Dino cake?" Said Stan the man.

"Yeah, Stan its my birthday man,
let's make some cake
and show those chicks that we can bake."

And the T-Rex from Tex-Mex came over and said.
"Hey baby I like your wheels,"
And Stitch didn't really know what she meant,
but he liked her attitude,
So they got married and had a love
with the most awesome fortitude,
him, the poet laureate, and her

the best that he could get.