A. M. Sian

His body was up against mine and I couldn't think clearly for the first time in my life. I was completely attracted to this man and we'd only just reconnected. Of course I had known him in high school but those years were long gone and I did everything that I could to forget them. It was bad enough that my so called "friends" betrayed my secrets to the whole school, but this man that I was grinding my body against had made rude comments about me to his friends. I don't hold grudges, but I don't forgive easily.

I gazed up and smiled, remembering how he'd been the same height since our senior year. He was a good six foot, four inches, while I was barely five foot, eight inches. I'd always loved how tall he was. It made him hotter in my eyes. I could see the pure lust in his eyes as I glanced up through my eyelashes. I had gotten better at my seductiveness over the years and I knew that he wasn't going to be a challenge. It was easy once they had that gleam in their eyes.

"Mmm..." I whispered as he pulled me closer to him. My skin tight dress riding up and almost exposing the bottom of my ass. I attacked his lips with my own and made sure he knew who was in control of this. I could see submission flow through his eyes and smiled. He was one of the good ones. "Do you want me?" I asked, leaving a small nip at the base of his throat. I was glad that I'd opted for heels instead of my normal flats. They gave me enough height to reach his shoulders. My hands were in the waistband of his jeans, tugging at the button.

I knew that if we didn't leave this club soon, I would take him in front of all of the party-goers. "Where to?" he asked, a smirk on the verge of splaying across his face. I knew he was smug in the fact that I was going to fuck him senseless.

"My driver is waiting out front. My house is only a few minutes away..." I drug him through the club by the belt-loops on the front of his jeans. My mind was focused on what I'd do to him tonight...and I knew we both were going to have fun. I knew that my money would impress him because it impressed them all. I didn't care for it. It all came from a few best-sellers and a "How To" book on writing. None of it was serious work. My real pension came from my job at the adoption agency in town.

I climbed into my limo and pulled Jesse in after he had hesitated one second too long. I wanted him and nothing was going to get in my way...not even his second thoughts. As soon as he sat down I attacked his lips with mine and straddled his lap. I could feel his erection pressing against my core. "Ughn..." he moaned against my lips. "So good..." he cupped my ass and pressed my body down farther.

My dress rode up further until it rested at the curve of my hips. I suckled his throat as his hands began exploring my core. His fingers felt heavenly as they curled inside of me. "Oh....God..." I moaned into his neck. I licked the sensitive spot behind his ear and smiled when a shiver ran through his body. He inserted another finger, making me bite my bottom lip. I tipped my head back and Jesse took that time to begin sucking the hallow of my neck.

He began rubbing my clit, making me moan even louder. I began climbing toward my release, moans growing louder and louder. When I became close to my release, he stopped rubbing me and pulled out his fingers. "I want to be fucking you when you cum for me." he whispered, making me shudder in anticipation. He pulled my head down to his and ravished my lips until they were swollen and red. "So fucking hot..."

I smirked for what seemed like the billionth time. Even though Jesse and I had fought during high school, I knew that this would make up for it. I didn't care what happened afterward, but I knew that I was going to get what I wanted. And I had wanted him for a long time. "Ms. Skye, we have arrived." my driver announced through the intercom.

"Thank you Rufus." I fixed my dress and waited for Jesse to exit the limo. As soon as he did, I followed after, pulling my keys out of my purse. I fumbled with them before I found the right one and opened the tall wooden door to my Victorian era house. I threw everything in the foyer and punched in the safety code on the alarm system. Rufus and the other servants had their own code and separate living spaces on the grounds so nobody would have the need to bother us tonight. "Follow me..." I whispered, tugging open his jacket.

Underneath I found a simple white, cotton, t-shirt that showed off his developed muscles. My mouth began watering as I pulled him toward my room. "I'm glad we decided to meet..." he whispered, gently pushing me up against the wall. I was too aroused to say anything in reply. Instead I just pushed him backward, into the open doorway that lead to my master suite.

"I need you..." I took his hand, which was way larger than mine, and pressed it against my cheek. It was so warm and...erotic. "Please babe." I moaned, tipping my head back as his fingers began playing with my hair.

Jesse slowly unzipped my dress and pulled it down so it pooled at my feet. I watched as a smile formed. I knew that not wearing a bra or panties would come in handy tonight. "I don't know if you've been good enough." he carefully grasped both of my wrists with one hand and lead me to the bed. He sat me down and noticed the silk cloths at each corner of the bed-frame. He tied my wrists to the ones connected to the headboard and left my legs free. "I didn't know you liked to not be in control of your body." he grinned, unbuttoning his pants. I was forced to watch as he pulled his shirt and boxers off.

"Holy shit..." I breathed, unable to grasp at what was in front of me. His cock was larger than any I had ever seen and I knew that it was going to bring me immense amounts of pleasure.

Jesse didn't say anything as he nudged my legs apart. He dipped his head and began licking my clit. He added a few fingers as I began writhing on the bed. The restraints on my wrists were stronger than I remembered and made me aroused even more. My toes began curling involuntarily and I bucked my hips, trying to get more friction between us. "Tsk tsk..." he shook his head as he lifted his head. "I'm going to have to teach you a lessen...aren't I?" he asked, trailing his finger from my collar bone to my lower abdomen. He tied my right leg to the post and fixed the other one so it was at an angle. I could barely move and he knew I was loving every second of it.

"Oh God...." I moaned, unable to stand the wait. "Please, Jesse, fuck me." I begged, breath ragged from earlier. I had yet to feel his member inside me and I was dying to know what he was like.

He shook his head and began fisting his member. I watched in amazement as it grew even more. I knew that I was hungry for him and that he could see it in his eyes. "Beg for me..."

"God...please Jesse.... Ughn, I need you inside me..." I wasn't thinking coherently and he could tell that. When he made no move to relieve me, I cursed internally. "Fuck baby, I need you to pound your thick, hot, member into my core. I want you to fuck me until I can't move because of pure bliss. Please, baby, fuck me senseless." I whispered the last part, voice going dry.

"As you wish." he answered, climbing over my leg. He positioned himself so he was at my entrance and it took all of my willpower to not move. I knew that he wanted to be in control of this and I obliged with his plan. I knew that my want for control would come at a later meeting and I was fine with waiting. I nearly screamed in rejoice as his cock slammed into me. There was no time for going slow or being tender. We both had a raw need that had to be met as soon as possible. As he pounded into me I kept up with his pace.

As I climbed toward my climax, for the second time that night, I thought back to how this had all started. One small letter from him saying he wanted to apologize for the things he'd said during school. I knew that I would forgive him no matter what.

We rocked together as best we could considering that I was tied to the bed and began screaming the others name. Our carnal needs were being met and that was all that we wanted. There was nothing else needed from the other for our own use since we both had careers we needed to focus on. Finally, after what seemed like hours of thrusting, I could feel my orgasm beginning. As the ecstasy took over and my body quavered with its release, I looked into his eyes and saw more than lust. I saw something that I had never seen in a man's eyes before. I saw love. As my pulse was throbbing I could feel his cock expanding. I knew his release was near. He kept moving as he came inside me and for a little while afterward.

When we both had become spent, he untied me and we crawled underneath the comforter. We lay together, silent, until we fell asleep. This was something I had not expected. It was something that I didn't want to happen but since it had, I accepted it. "I love you Skye. I always have and always will." he whispered, kissing the nape of my neck.

"I love you too, Jesse." I replied, turning so I was facing him. "I just don't know what we're going to do." I definitely had not expected to fall in love with the man who had caused me so much hell in high school. But, fate works in mysterious ways.

~*~ Six Years Later ~*~

"Momma, Andrew isn't being nice!" Katelyn yelled through the screen door, holding her baby doll in one hand and a toy cell phone in another. "He pushed me in the dirt an' stepped on Molly!" she began crying as she pointed to another doll on the wooden slats of the porch whose head had been squished in.

"It's okay baby girl. Mommy will buy you a new one." I picked her up and set her on the kitchen counter. I was happy with my two girls and boys. "Jesse, you need to talk to your son!" I yelled to my husband of four and a half years.

"What'd he do now?" Jesse asked, picking Katelyn up and twirling her around. He looked to where she was pointing and shook his head. "I'll talk to him." he kissed our daughter's forehead and walked outside.

After I'd delivered the quadruplets, we vowed off of having our own kids. Instead we planned on adopting. I was happier than before I had slept with Jesse and had the quadruplets. They completed my life and I wouldn't give them away for anything.

I laughed, remembering how Jesse and I had fought over what we were going to have. He wanted boys to teach sports to and I wanted girls because I always loved dressing up as a child. When we found out that we were having four, we were both delighted. I knew we would be able to handle it and we managed.

I kissed Katelyn and ushered her back outside. She and Andrew fought a lot but they were closer than ever. It was Amera and Symin that I had to worry about. They were always wrestling each other for one thing or another. Sometimes, they could get Andrew to join but Katelyn was my girly-girl.

I continued cooking dinner, reminiscing about the two years before marriage and the pre-Jesse years. I liked having a husband and actually settling down. Family life had created a whole new perspective in my novels and I had already had four more published.

Life was great and I had a wonderful husband, and lover, to help me through the trials of raising our four children together.

~*~ The End ~*~