The Battle Cry Of a Child.



Story Synopsis: A 33 year old women is found to be cheating on her devoted husband not just once but multiple times with different men. She's asking for advice from friends and even strangers about why she's even cheating on him. Will she learn anything from all this Drama thats she's causing?


Mary Beth Abrell's problems seemed to have started when she was 14, She was attractive young girl blond , blue eyes , and could turn the heads of many guys if she wanted to. Up until she turned 16 she had dated two different guys from school James Carter and Chris North . That is until she met William Yeary , handsome in a rugged sort of way but really nothing note worthy . He was somewhat quiet and reserved ,which is what first drew her to him. She wanted to crack open and see what made him tick. So when he finally did ask her be his steady girl she said yes. Things were fine for the first six months , but she started having other guys asking her out that were really hot looking . Of course william was totally unaware of this happening because he was a very trusting and caring guy.

One day while Mary Beth was visiting a cousin Celest Abrell her fathers brothers daughter from across town in another school district. Thats were she met Daryl Dollar , extremely handsome , popu;ar , and he had taken an instant liking to her . She felt flattered that this hot guy even noticed her at all however by the end of that day he had charmed her into a date for the following weekend. Mary Beth at first was so caught up with the fact that Daryl was flirting and being very aggressive she litterally forgot about being Williams steady girlfriend. However after having time latter she did think about it and thought that it was exciting to have two guys dating her. She told William that she was going to visit her cousin across town for this coming weekend . This technically was true but of course it was so she could have that date with Daryl. While on the date she told him that she could only come on the weekends for dates with him and if that would be ok by him , Which he readily agreed to. She figured that she could go out with William during the week days and be with Daryl on the weekends. Niether would have to know about the other.

To cover herself with William she told him that her visits with her cousin was a family thing and pleaded with him to understand her not being there on the weekends for a while. Being the nice trusting guy that William was he concured with her wishes. He did however state that he would miss her though. At which she gave him a hug and a kiss stating she knew she could count on him. This went on for about 7 months Until Daryl , made some very suggestive comments about getting into her pants. She was almost 17 but wasn't quite ready to go that step with any boy yet , so so broke it off with Daryl. And returned her full attentions to William again until after her 18 birthday. She was a senior at which time she met Witt Nolan . He was another really hot looking and attractive guy that caught her eye as well as his caughting hers. She met him at a football game , his schools team was at her school for a game . He saw her at the freshment center getting ready to buy a Pepsi but he offered to buy it for her which she allowed him to do . William wasn't at the game that night his parents had to go out of town Because of family matters and would be gone for 3 weks. His parents said it wasn't an optional thing he had to go.

Things went really well between the two of them that night Witt charmed the pants off of her ...."LITERALLY.".... Mary Beth couldn't believe that she had done this , she hadn't even had sex with William yet. William kept saying he wanted to wait till he was married before he gave himself to his bride. But Mary Beth was starting to get desperatly wanting to have some kind of sex so when the oportunity arose she just flowed with it. She had sex with Witt several more times over that 3 week period but brole up with him just before William came back. Again William was never aware that Mary Beth had done anything that would have hurt him.

Upon Graduating Mary Beth and William started attending a local college

and in their sophomore year they exchanged their marriage vows. Even though she and William were now married and were now having sex reqularly she still just wasn't satisfied somehow. Three months latter she ran into James Carter at the local grocery story and started up a conversation and she found herself at his aptartment having sex with him. This went on for about 6 weeks until she broke it off with him. Some how she felt weird and confused because of her actions.

One Year latter Mary Beth was diagnosed with MS, at which time her health deteriated quiet abit . Because of her disease she gained more weight than she wanted and didn't have a lot of energy because of the kind of treatments the doctors had her on. So William naturally stepped in and pulled more than his fair share of the responsibilities around the house. He is a great guy, cleans the house, treats her good, took care of things but she simply didn't feel attracted to him in a sexual way . She thought that her sexual attraction for William ended about 2 years into the Marriage. She was starting to feel terrible about her feelings towards William. She thought at the time it may have been a good thing she had married William because his company had a good medical insurance policy. She also thought because of her condition no one else would have wanted her.

They finally graduated from college and slowly she was being cured of her medical probem . The doctors had told her that her MS was a mild condition and they had caught it early enough to prevent it from any futher progression.

She had started back excersizing and jogging again to get back into shape and two years latter she was starting to get other mens attention again for even at the age of 28 shew still looked pretty good. This is when she decided she wanted to go back to college again and get her masters degree but the college she needed was alittle over 200 miles away. So she ask William if he would be alright with him and he actually incouraged her to go for it. Six weks after getting there though and one weekend back home with William . They had agreed that she would come home at least once a month. However while there she met this really interesting man who really was rocking her world and she was into him also. However she didn't tell him she was married but she was only engaged. She felt bad about this developememnt but she was more sexually attracted to this man than her husbandd at present. And she started have sexual relationships with him and hanging out with him while she was there at college.

At the time she so selfish she knew that any girl would die to have her husband, but again she just didn't feel satisfied with him. So one weekend she went to see her cousin Celest . To confide in her about whats been happening to her. Upon hearing what her cousin had told her she suggested

that she should go with her to a group meeting with some other young ladies where they talked freely and honestly about varying subjects. Celest however did tell her that some of the responses she may get would probably be very blunt and to the point. Celest told her if she needed answers this meeting might help answer them. She also added that because these answers might be blunt if she was up to hearing them with an open mind. Mary Beth hesitantly agreed that she would.

Authors note: next chapter will have more dialogue in it i promise so this prologue is really just setting the stage for these latter chapters. This is a story loosley based on an actually happening. The actual person is unknown but thought this would make a good basis for a good story. The person shared her problem on line used no names so i made up names for all the chacacters. All events except for what was in the article are made up. The aim of my story is to show that one person can be selfish and another really caring. The next chapter will have this persons actual story (modified somewhat so it fits the story as though she's actually speaking to the people in the meeting her cousin takes her to.) a all know the drill read and review please!!!!!