The Station Fire Disaster

The Northern Los Angeles Station Fire

~The largest and deadliest of the 2009 wildfires, having burned 160,557 acres and killed two firefighters since it began in late August.~

An old World War II plane, volunteering for duty, dives downward and scoops up water from the deep Pacific Ocean. It has been dropping gallons upon gallons of water on the fire- desperately trying to put it out.

Little does the pilot know, as he lowers the plane right above the waves and scoops up water, that today's cargo will carry an age old virus that has floated and decayed within the waters of our world for decades.

He flies the plane right above the raging wildfire and drops the water over the ideal location.

A firefighter on the ground thinks he sees the figure of a body dropping down with the water but he is unsure.

Deciding to investigate this further, he and another firefighter decide to search the area once it is clear.

A few hours later, having fought back most of the flames by this point, the two firefighters stumble upon the decayed, burnt body of an unrecognizable man.

They kneel closer to the burnt, decapitated body.

It suddenly begins to shake violently and bites one of them in the hand, tearing the flesh with jagged and broken teeth.

The other firefighter smashes the thing's weak head in and truly kills it.

The bitten firefighter is taken to the medic's ambulance to be taken care of.

His hand becomes swollen and deep purple.

He begins to build a severe and life threatening fever.

He throws up viciously and begins to experience a case of dementia.

He becomes paralyzed and is laid on the ambulance bed.

The medics scurry to try and find out what exactly their trying to cure.

They call in for help.

The firefighter falls into a coma.

The medics continue to scurry and attempt to save the firefighter's life.

His heart suddenly stops- he is dead.

The monitor has zero brain activity.

Having failed to save the firefighter, sadness spreads across the group of medics surrounding the ambulance.

They are a group of about twenty.

They fail to notice that their patient has suddenly reanimated.

Only when he's biting through the collarbone of one of their superiors, do they begin to notice.

The infection spreads throughout the team of medics, who had attempted to knock down the rabid firefighter with futile tackles and punches.

Police officers are called in from a nearby, evacuated neighborhood.

They shoot at the wave of infected medics but fail to understand the importance of the headshot.

In less than an hour, half the squadron of police officers are overrun, overwhelmed and outnumbered by the horde that begins to grow.

A group of citizens in the nearby neighborhood, who were determined on protecting their homes from the deadly flames of the fire, are now face to face with the walking death.

Several houses are overrun, and then burnt by the flames of the Station Fire.

News and police helicopters circle the disaster zone, capturing footage full of carnage and hysteria.

They are horrified by the sights of people who appear to be on fire but have no response whatsoever to their condition.

These people stumble aimlessly into the houses of local residents, and the wildlife surrounding it, while on fire, spreading not only infection but the Station Fire itself.

The entire region goes into utter chaos in a matter of hours.

The scenes captured by the media horrify the entire country and the residents of California especially.

Reinforcements are called into the disaster zone.

The infection and the fire have gone out of control and doubled since the last hour.

The mountainous, steep terrain makes it difficult to eliminate both threats with manpower alone.

News of this strange new infection has reached California's governor from a citizen who managed to escape the carnage of the Station Fire Disaster.

It apparently reanimated the deceased who were usually bitten and infected by a carrier of the virus.

When reanimated, theseā€¦things only have one thing on their mind.


So they feed on any creature they can lay their hands on. Including humans.

Debates and discussions on the next plan of action are held but only momentarily.

A plan is needed now. There is no time to waste.

So, ironically, the men and women of the Golden State of California decide to utilize the power of fire to place in their advantage.

Only a few hours ago, they had been fighting and trying to put down one of the worst wildfire disasters in the history of their state.

Now they were encouraging it to spread further, deeper into the land, and get rid of any trace of the infection it came across.

Trenches are dug, by citizens and city employees alike- who suddenly begin to volunteer in an effort to keep this infection away from their families.

Hours are spent digging these trenches around the perimeter of the large fire and infection zones. Hours are spent holding back the fire and the infection- with the help of local law enforcement, fire departments and a sudden increase in military.

Hundreds are dead. Many continue to die throughout the hours.

Besides the flames and the infection, fatigue and accidents play a big part in the deaths of the people trying to contain this epidemic.

So far, the Station Fire Disaster is beginning to look like California's darkest page in history.

With the trenches only half-finished, the people of California are forced to prematurely ignite their own flames when the infection begins to proceed forward at an alarmingly quick pace.

Some would say the deaths that occurred after that were the modern day equivalent of sacrifices.

The fire spread, the sky erupted with screams and wails.

For the first time in decades, the people of California were forced to just sit there

and watch their state burn

in front of their eyes.

~Thanks for reading, much appreciated!

There may be a few errors here and there with the procedures that firefighters, medics, law enforcement and/or military would have taken but I ask that you just bear with me.

I am in no way trying to insult or put down the brave firefighters that actually fought the Station Fire.

They have all of my respect~