I know you're bad for me,

But I can't help it,

I gotta be with you,

You're still my friend,


You abuse me,

You use me,

But our connections bring me back,

Our history,


I wonder what you think of me,

And if you'd be jealous,

I've been thinking of you,

But I'm still angry with you,


I deny that I'm in love with you,

And that much is true,

I can't even see why I thought you treated me wrong,

You are a confusion,


Two faces,


All wrapped up into something I cannot read,

Are you gonna be nice to me today?


I can't decide if I should keep giving you chances,

I agree with what you do,

You're such a hostile person,

But I still think you're attractive,


You constantly leave me out,

But I pretend it's all cool,

My heart is aching,

And all my friends hear are the negatives,


Nothing is good enough,

I can't accept you,

But, then again I do,

I hate you,


You diss me,

Then you don't apologize,

Am I just being nice,

or are you just honest?


You hold the door open,

But I can tell you don't want me to follow,

You want to go somewhere,

And I follow,


You seem reluctant,

Am I too embarrassing?

I hate that you don't even like me,

Could you just tell me that you want to be with me?


I heard that if you treat a girl like trash,

That you like her,

Somehow I can't believe that,

You hate me,


I can't stand that you think I'm lower,

Aren't I worth something to you?

I'm feeling like you don't even care,

You're just a player,


And I can't take it much longer.