Just an Ordinary Friday Night

Note: I am Australian so some terms may be unfamiliar, such as thongs which are like flip flops and HSC which is the Higher School Certificate, the final exams we take in high school.

Most people go out and celebrate the end of a week by having a drinking fest. But of course, I am not one of them. The whole drink-yourself-into-oblivion does not really appeal to me and I am far too lazy to get dressed up just to see the same losers from school, including my twin brother Ryan and his best friend Jordan Ackerman. The gorgeous boy that I have been in love with since I was twelve when boys suddenly lost all those cooties. He has an amazingly built body, as a result of constant competition between him and Ryan at the gym and sports such as basketball. He is tall, well anyone is taller than me, but he is roughly a head taller. When Ryan's not there, we can talk about anything and I know that he won't judge me. He is not perfect, but I want him so bad. I know I cannot have him though. He is a part of that 'crowd'. You know, the one that parties almost every weekend. He hasn't had many girlfriends, but I know I will die the day he does get a girlfriend. For now, I am happy just to be the good friend that hides her feelings.

Tonight, I was in full stay-at-home comfort. Loose white tank and comfy big grey track pants tucked into my beloved tan uggs, doing what I do best. Studying.

I know what you're thinking. Studying? On a Friday night? Well, I am nearly in year 12 and you know what that means. The HSC. Meaning hardcore studying for one whole year. I just wanted to prepare myself.

So there I was, sitting in my big pillow-stuffed armchair, writing new notes from that day's class notes. I had a big mug of steaming hot chocolate within reach and I was perfectly content.

'Identify the relationship between variation within a species and the chances of survival of species when environmental change occurs'

I bit the end of my pen thoughtfully with one hand and pushed my dark hair out of my face with the other. I tried to focus on the small dark printed words, but it was 11pm and I was getting sleepy. I leant back slightly and closed my eyes. Suddenly my phone vibrated loudly on my desk, giving me just a minor heart attack. I grumpily picked it up and pressed 'accept'.

"What." I growled. It was nearly time for me to sleep and I was in no mood to talk to anyone.

"Hello to you, princess." It was a low and very familiar voice.

"What do you want, my sweet knight?" I asked sardonically.

"Can't I just have a nice chat with you, Rhi?"

"I'm hanging up in five…four…"

"Ok ok. Look, Ryan is in a bit of a state and I'm a little buzzed. I need you to come and pick us up."

"Hell no." I said vehemently. "I'm just about to go to sleep."

"Do you want your only brother and your only brother's best friend to die unnecessary deaths just because you refused to come and pick them up and thereby forced his best friend to drive while under the influence of alcohol?"

"I hate it how you can still speak coherently."

"I love you too. The address is…"

"Wait. I can't pick up two passengers after 11. You know the law."

"Do you think the law would like me driving drunk?"

"Fine. What's the address?" I said resignedly.

"It's 42 Springfield crescent. We're in Baulkham hills, I think."

"Ok. I'll be there in like 15 minutes." I sighed and hung up. Yet again I had to go and help my twin brother and his best friend, Jordan out of another situation. I grabbed a long black cardigan off my bed, my keys and my red P plates and headed out of the room, slipping my feet out of my lovely uggs and into a pair of thongs.

I own a small white car. It's so cute. Ryan and I both got cars for our 17th birthdays just after we got our Ps. It was cold outside. I cursed Jordan again for making me leave our house. Hurriedly, I attached the red P plates to the front and back of the car then slipped inside the front seat. I slid my right thong off and rested my foot on the brake. If I got caught driving Ryan and Jordan home, he was so dead.

It was a fairly peaceful night. Not many cars around. It was probably the fact that it was after 11pm and most people are at home, tucked up warm in their beds. I thought longingly of my white and purple soft blanket. Oh well, it wouldn't that long.

I hummed mindlessly as I steered the car through fairly empty roads. Normally I do not give in to Jordan. I don't want to become one of those girls who just do anything for the guy that they like. Usually, I just tell Jordan to get his and my brother's 'lazy asses home themselves'. Jordan is so close, that he is practically a part of the family and he often stays over at our place. Tonight, I knew that I was not going to study any more and so I might as well do something that would earn me a favour from my notoriously stingy brother. I grinned as I thought about all the things I could make him do; stupid stuff, like carrying me up the stairs when I could not be bothered or cutting up my steaks for me. This was going to be fun.

I turned into a fairly dark road, hearing the party before I saw it. I had learned long ago that unless Jordan called me, it was futile trying to call him. I parked behind a big black four-wheel drive and hurriedly ran across the lawn towards the house.

It was usually easy to find the two of them. Two good-looking boys surrounded by heaps of scantily clad, makeup heavy girls. Not that I think my brother is good looking. It's just what other girls tell me. I entered the house and was immediately enveloped into the unfamiliar party atmosphere. Boys and girls dancing, drinking and smoking who knows what. I covered my mouth and coughed as a particular smoke cloud drifted into my face. There, standing next to the stairs was a blonde girl whom I recognised as a fairly good friend of mine.

"Hey Sharon."

"Oh hi Rhiannon!" She greeted me cheerfully as I made my way to her. "I didn't know you liked parties."

"I don't." I said wryly.

"Oh well, you should still come! You're like totally pretty! If you want, I can do your make up next time." She gushed.

"Thanks, I guess. I'm looking for my brother and Jor."

"Oh. I saw them in a toilet upstairs. Ryan looks really bad. You better hurry." She gestured behind her at the steep looking stairs.

"Oh damn. Ryan owes me heaps of stupid favours now." I muttered to myself. I would not call myself fat and grotesque; I am actually quite skinny, but I hate being forced to do anything remotely strenuous.

I climbed up the stairs, peering into the dark hallway above. There was only one room with a light on, so I ventured into it somewhat tentative.

There was one boy with light brown hair siting on the bathtub edge and another dark head boy slumped over the toilet.

"Ew. He's not getting into my car until he's disinfected. " I screwed up my nose at the smell of vomit and men's cologne mixed in the air.

"Oh come one Rhi. He's your brother." Jordan said, his eyes drooping with fatigue or alcohol, maybe a mix of both.

"Uh uh. My car, my rules." I said with my hands firmly on my hips. "Come one. Help me." I grabbed Jordan's arm and walked over to Ryan. We lifted him off the toilet and onto the ground in a sitting position. I grabbed a hand towel nearby and soaked it in warm water and soap.

"Rhi, you're a freak." Jordan smiled.

"Probably, but I don't want him to die from some stupid bacteria on the toilet."

"Wow. You actually care for him. " He said in mock surprise.

"Of course I do. He's my twin." I said as I scrubbed at Ryan's face. I concentrated on getting the yuckier bits off his face, wrinkling my own at the smell.

"What." I said, feeling his light blue gaze on me.


"Anyway, he looks clean enough. Let's go." I got to my feet and helped Jordan get Ryan onto his feet. Jordan put one of Ryan's arms around my shoulders and around himself as we left the bathroom and approached the potentially dangerous flight of stairs.

"Far out. He's so heavy." I complained.

"He is made of a lot more muscle than you." Ryan pointed out.

"I know. His thick bicep is poking into my cheek."

"Mmmph. Hungry." Jordan muttered. Ryan and I simultaneously stared at Jordan.

"What the hell? He sleep-talks?!?" I dug my hand through my left pocket and aimed my phone ready at my brother's face.

"Speak behemoth." I commanded. Ryan's response was silence.

"Oh well. It was worth a try." I grinned at Jordan.

We dragged Ryan to my car. Not an easy task. Especially since he weighs like a billion kilos.

"Hey Jor. Lay him flat across the backseat. If we get pulled over, I don't want them to see him." I got into the front seat and waited as Jordan adjusted Ryan.

"OK, let's go." He sighed and got in next to me.

"If we get in trouble, I'm fully blaming you." I said half joking.

"Yeah yeah, just drive woman." A small smile graced my lips as I pulled away from the curb.

I yawned slightly as we travelled down the dark road.

"Don't sleep on me. You might get us in an accident." He said teasingly.

"I won't." I said stifling another yawn.

"How come you're so tired anyway? I didn't know that studying was such an arduous task." He raised an eyebrow at me.

"Don't speak big words around me now. My brain hurts." I grumbled.

"Whatever, princess." He leant back on his chair and proceeded to sleep.

"Hey, that's not fair. You're allowed to sleep and I'm not?"

"You're the one who's driving, I think there's a big difference." He reminded me playfully.

"So what? Entertain me fool, otherwise I'll never pick you guys up again."

He learnt forward resting his elbow on the side of the car.

"Hey! Eyes on the road missy! Stop checking me out." He mockingly scolded me.

"I was not checking you out." I said feeling my cheeks turning red.

"Whatever Princess, I know you love me." He smirked. I made a big show of rolling my eyes.

"So anyone special tonight?" I asked conversationally.

"Nope, I was too busy trying to keep the Ryan from all the girls."

"What, so you can have all of them to yourself?"

"No need to sound jealous. You know what Ryan's like when he's smashed." He smirked again at my seemingly jealous comment.

"Ryan's a very flirty drunk." I reaffirmed thinking about all the times at family parties how dangerous Ryan was, especially to young pretty girls, even if they were cousins.

"You didn't deny that you were jealous." Jordan suddenly interjected my thoughts.

"We're home." I said purposefully changing the subject. "Come on, help me get Ryan out of the car." He looked at me with the stupid familiar smirk on his face.

"Oi. Come on." I repeated, getting out of my side and moving to the back door. He walked around the back, coming up behind me, just a tad close. I unconsciously held my breath as I opened the door. His right hand brushed my arm as he opened the door wider.

I concentrated on Ryan's face. It was hideous. Perfect.

"Come on Ryan." I coaxed sweetly. He groaned in response. "OK you have to drag him out." I stood aside and watched as Jordan leaned in to pull Ryan out. His biceps flexed as he dragged Ryan by the arms. I forced myself to resist touching the hard muscle. Oh what the hell. I reached out and squeezed Jordan left bicep. He almost dropped Ryan in surprise.

"What was that for?" He asked as he re-adjusted Ryan and then straightened him until he stood up.

"I just felt like doing that?" I said and quickly walked towards my house to hide my red cheeks. I could just feel him laughing at me from behind.

I tucked the dark blue blanket under Ryan's chin and kissed his cheek.

"He's such a cutie." I smiled to myself.

"And you're not?" I felt two fingers poking my sides. I squirmed feeling myself about to giggle.

"Not here." I said as I tried to bat his hands away.

"In your room? Fine with me." He took my left hand in his own large warm one and led me out of the room.

"Stop being all sexually suggestive to me." I pulled at the hand holding me, so that we stopped outside Ryan's room.

"Who's the one using big words now?" He teased. I stuck my tongue out at him. His eyes looked so blue. I could still feel our hands intertwined together. Time seemed to stand still. It did not matter that it was nearly 1am in the morning. He smiled crookedly at me and then used his hand to tug me closer towards him.

"What are you doing?" I nervously licked my lips.

"I'm going to rape you and you won't be able to scream for your brother." He said in mock seriousness. I used my other hand to punch his shoulder. He caught my other hand and then skimmed his way to my back. My right hand rested lightly on his shoulder. I craned my head upwards to look at his face. He brought us closer together and I nervously averted my eyes. Somehow, I cannot stand being inches away from someone else's face. He gently used his finger to turn my face towards his.

"Hey Jor, you know I normally have a problem with being this close to someone else, even if it's my brother and ---" I babbled, but Jordan impatiently cut me off with his lips. His lips were surprisingly soft. My other hand joined the other wrapped around Jordan's neck. We stood there, our bodies pressed tightly together and kissing the hell out of each other. I quickly pulled away from him.

"You're not drunk or anything right? If you are, I'll kick your balls." I threatened, my lips inches from his and still unsure of this reality where we were making out with each other. He laughed into my lips.

"I've loved you since the moment I met you ten years ago." He confessed.

"Well, I only loved you half of that." I joked.

"Come here." He commanded. And I obeyed. It turned out to be quite a good ordinary Friday night.