The Sweet Song

Red lipstick, temptation and every desire

Painted on my lips. I sing to them the song that

Draws them near, but not quite close enough. I

dance with the devil's spawn, laughing at his

Strangled eyes, the restriction I hold over his

Body. I have his will. He is my puppet. I

Control everything about him. Mesmerized by my

Presence he fumbles foolishly in his

Steps and it amuses me. I thrive for his

Downfall, his humiliation. I feed off of his

Sin. He is only one of my many rueful

Minions, but my best client. I cannot

Abandon his stained blood for it is much too

Delicate. I play with his heart, murmuring the sweet

Song of death. I am everything they fear. I am

Sin. I am death. I am insanity, the voices in their

Heads. They are my prey. My secret, my fear, is

Boldly visible, but the haze I cast over their eyes

Hides my vulnerability. The only thing that is able to

Halt my footsteps in the dance we do is here, next to me at

Every turn, every new influence I whisper in their

Minds. It is the song playing in the distance, the

Sweet song that threatens to take away my

Young soldiers of sin. The song which I

Fear. It plays softly, quietly humming through my

Haze. So I sing songs of desire, once again taking them

Captive. Yet the power of His Sweet song

Overcomes the wretched melody falling from my

Lips. His song thrives for their redemption, but so many of

Them are too far gone. They are fallen under my

Spell. I whisper eternity of edge and seduction to their

Black hearts as we dance, again and again.