The blankets wrapped around you

Disguise you for the moment

But eventually the light turns on

And you'll have to expose it

All the pain you feel inside

Will have to come out soon

You can't hold it in forever

But forever seems to soon

Your mouth it seems is sewed tight

With strings made from distrust

But I can see it in your eyes

Deep inside you're crushed

If you would only let me in

Let me into see

I could show you just how great

This world can really be

So wrap the blankets closer

Hide on top your bed

Inside I know they are screaming

The voices in your head

Inside I know they are screaming

Take me away from this place

But one day you'll take those covers off

And the world you'll have to face

And I'll be here by your side

Holding your hand tight

Please let me hold your hand

Please don't try and fight