She couldn't begin to count the days that had passed since she'd come to terms with that horrible fact. The days that'd passed since she'd accepted that that brown eyed boy would never be hers. And she'd tried so hard to be okay with that.

Really, she had.

Every so often she'd actually believe that she no longer cared.

(As if he could ever mean nothing to her.)

But she'd see him, there, across the room, and he'd throw his head back in laughter. Although the sound didn't reach her ears, she heard it, ringing, in her head, in her heart. Calling her bluff. And all the emotions came back.

Oh, the exertion it took not to gasp as if she'd taken a physical blow.

How sad to think she knew nothing of hurt yet.

That day came - that beautiful, painful, confusing, heart wrenching day. He took powerful strides - right alongside her. And he smiled that wonderful, dimpled smile - at her.

And left behind was that sweet girl, the one who saw him with everything she would never be - that she would never change herself to be. The one whose easy grin fell so quickly from her face, whose feet stopped moving, the one whom the lockers now supported. Because she'd known, of course, that he'd never love her. But he'd never had someone else. Yes, she'd foreseen it. But it hurt.

Oh, God, how it hurt.

The moment had no effect on anyone else - the hustle and bustle continued, and that girl's sudden heartbreak went unnoticed. No one saw.

(Did anyone care?)

Though, for a moment, she thought she'd met eyes of chocolate.

Before it became too much, and she had to hurry into the bathroom, to hide her tears from the busy people.

He'd felt someone's eyes on him - the burning of a familiar gaze. When he looked, though, he so wished he hadn't.

Wounded green eyes bore into his soul, and he paused. Never before had it crossed his mind.

For a moment there, she thought he'd change his decision, thought he'd come to her.

And for a moment there, he did, too.

This was random, and sad, and just...true. Sorry, it kinda sucked. But I had to get it out there. Thanks for reading. :)