"Bullshit." I said. But I wasn't so sure this time. That irked me; I'm the bullshit queen, how can I not be sure? I'm always right when it comes to calling someone's bluff. But he just smirked. "Really? Is it?" I hesitated. Was it? Damn him for making m doubt myself. He took my hesitation to mean no had arrogantly took another step forward, which would have been fine if there was space to take a step. As it was, I ended up stuck between the classroom wall and the arrogant asshole. How I wish I could walk through walls.


I never liked that teacher. Mrs what's-her-name. I always had the urge to shove her into a blender and hope it smoothed her out a bit. Ha ha – get it?

Anyway, she's just so spacey. I remember back in eighth grade when she told us her boyfriend was going to pick her that afternoon because it was her birthday. She spent the whole lesson describing his incredibly good looks to us and apologising in advance for having to leave early. About halfway through the lesson, someone finally had the brains to say happy birthday to her. She looked at him like he was mad.

"Birthday?" She cackled that stupid laugh of hers. Honestly, it sounds more like a turtle being strangled. "Oh, bananas." She gasped, like she was crying over the fact that she'll never be able to eat her precious bananas again because she just might die from how hilarious everything was. "My birthday's next week! Silly boy." Then she went back to typing stupidly on her stupid fat laptop. Seriously, I thought they were supposed to be compact computers.

"So…" Someone else said, voicing the thoughts of pretty much everyone else in the classroom. I could see the weirded-outness on all their faces. Hell, I could feel it on mine. "Why are you leaving early then?" She strangled that damn turtle again and all I wanted to do was flush her head down a toilet.

"That's next week, dear." I almost screamed in frustration. Actually, I think I did.

"Actually you said about forty-three times, unless I accidentally tuned out – which wouldn't be surprising considering how annoying your stupid voice is – that it was today that you would be leaving early on account of the fact that it's your birthday." She scowled at me. Sheesh, she even looked like a strangled turtle.

"Everybody makes mistakes, Miss Krayon. Unfortunately I don't think that tone of yours was unintentional. Friday detention." I showed her my middle finger when she wasn't looking and went back to my work. Stupid, spacey lady.

And would you believe my luck? Not only did I end up with her as my group leader for some stupid fundraiser, she also remembered our lovely, many, many, many encounters – because I assure you that wasn't the only one (sorry, I can't help myself, she's just so annoying!) – and, for some reason completely lost on me, had taken a disliking to me, making sure I knew this by sending stupid strangled turtle looks my way and making me run all of her stupid errands whenever we had group meetings.

She put Tucker in charge, which, if you ask me, was stupid. But no one's asking me and if she'd put anyone else I would have looked at her like she'd gone mad because it just wouldn't have been like her to do something smart for once. Still, I couldn't resist having a go at her. Don't judge though, I'm not one of those smarmy assholes who thinks it's funny to give teachers a hard time all the time. I never interrupt when she's talking to the group – well, rarely – I just say things under my breath at the same time that she just happens to be walking past my desk. It's coincidence, I swear.

"Just 'cause you have a crush on him." I snorted quietly. It was partly true anyway, as anyone with eyes could see. And hell, I had a brain too. Still, you couldn't exactly blame her considering he liked to turn his charm on full throttle around her. It's only so he can get away with anything he wants. He's pretty much got the entire staff wrapped around his stupid finger. And, I guess, most of the student population too, but that doesn't include me.

Anyway, despite my trying to keep my smart arse voice down, turns out the whole classroom heard my little comment and for some reason thought it was funny. Miss Greene went beet red and shot me another strangled turtle look, but apparently she was in a rush to do whatever it was she had to do, because she just said, "That is the last straw Miss Krayon." Then she marched out of the room.

I wasn't sure if I was supposed to follow her or not, but considering she'd slammed the door shut behind her in an attempt to make a dramatic exit, I decided she'd deal with me later.

Everyone went silent abruptly and kind of just stared at the door for a while before someone finally went, "Shit!" and jumped up to open it. But alas, it was locked, because all the doors in this stupid school automatically locked when shut because they didn't trust us. I don't blame them though; we've had plenty of cases of vandalism, theft and even an attempted fire. Although, in my defence, Mrs Vater said I could use the lab at lunch for my experiment and then stupidly left me alone, fully aware of my uncanny ability to screw up every experiment I've ever attempted.

Seriously, she should've known that even though all I had to do was watch a candle burn for ten minutes, something was bound to go wrong. As it was, I saw a spider crawling on my hand and in my attempt to get it off, I flicked my hand viciously, knocking over the burning candle and not realising that it had lit my lab coat until the fire was half way up my arm. I took it off hastily and threw it at the curtains.

You can probably guess what happened next, but don't get too carried away: all I had to pay for was the lab coat and the curtains. But they were ugly as shit anyway, so I didn't mind. Needless to say, I ended up grounded.

Anyway, by now everyone had started panicking because we all know that Miss Greene, being the spacey lady she is, didn't have a key, meaning she wouldn't be able to open it when, if, she came back – provided she remembered we were here. It was, after all, an after school meeting. That's probably why everyone was panicking.

The only reason we'd gotten into the room in the first place was because I had to go all the way down to the front office to get a key, and then return the stupid thing. I told you she hated me.

Someone finally decided to blame me for our sudden misfortunate situation, and even though it definitely wasn't my fault, I took it in stride. Okay, fine, I flipped them the birdie and told them to screw off. They just scowled at me.

Tucker decided he was going to save the day and jumped up on the teacher's desk. "BUSH TUCKER!" His mates bellowed from up the back. I laughed. Even though they were smarmy assholes who abused their abilities to charm the pants of any girl, I had to admit they were funny.

Harry turned to me and winked. I blew him a kiss. It's what we always did when one of us laughed at the other. It started in history back in year nine or something. Just for the record, I made him laugh three times as much as he made me laugh, earning me quite a few air kisses and the occasional shove or glare from Harry lovers.

We were friends, yeah, but we never really hung out. He stuck with his crowd – the popular cronies – and I stuck with mine – the indie group – and I liked it that way. I preferred to stay out of the soap opera they call life; it's even exclusive. Seriously, my friends and I go to the same parties as them but you wouldn't know it considering we never have any idea what they're gossiping about the next day, even though we were there.

"It's okay everyone." Tucker grinned. He had their full attention and he barely even had to bat an eye. "I have a plan." Some stupid girl giggled and they all smiled up at him lovingly. Stupid jock, trying to play the hero.

I snorted. "Bullshit." I said, crossing my arms and propping my feet up on the desk. Tucker averted his attention from the giggling girl, to me, tilting his head slightly. I gave him a little wave with my fingers and smirked. He scowled.

"Fine, I don't have a plan." He got down from the desk sulkily while the girls all pouted. Damn, I'm good: well, I am the bullshit queen. Seriously, lying is like breathing to me, and I can smell a bluff from a mile away. Probably more. But I only use my lying ability for fun. Like for irking teachers and having a laugh at someone who's either pissed me off or screwed me over. Or both. Like Peter Yale: the dick who thinks he can date me, tell me he loves me, and then dump me for some smarmy bitch when I called him on his bluff and refused to sleep with him.

I love my formidable ability to call someone's bluff. It comes in handy.

"Maybe we should just get on with the fundraising thing. Aren't we supposed to organise a stall or something? I mean, if we're going to be stuck in here a while we may as well use our time productively." The girl had a point, but nobody really cared anyway. Besides, doing what we were supposed to do would mean Miss Greene gets her way, and I wasn't about to give in that easily.

The girl shrugged at the obvious dismissal of her idea and proceeded to get her ipod out of her bag. Damn, I wish I'd brought mine.

"Aha!" Tucker suddenly bellowed from the front of the room. "Who's up for a game of bullshit?" He challenged, holding up two decks of cards. Why they were in the teacher's drawer was a mystery to me, but I sure as hell wasn't going to question a miracle when it stared me in the face. At least I wouldn't be bored for the next hour or so.

"BUSH TUCKER!" His mates bellowed again, chucking a ball of scrunched up paper at him. Don't ask me how that is supposed to display affection, because I don't have an answer for you.

I grinned. "I'm in." I said. I was good at this game; duh, I'm the queen of bullshit. Tucker smirked, and I stuck my tongue out at him, accepting the silent challenge. He had no idea what he was up for.

We pushed two tables together and everyone gathered around. Somehow, I ended up sharing a seat with an obvious Tucker-lover, who couldn't help but gaze lovingly across the table where he had somehow ended up with a seat by himself. Asshole.

Tucker dealt out the two packs slowly. I told him to hurry the fuck up but he just smirked and told me to watch my language.

"Asshole." I muttered, but apparently he heard me, 'cause he sent me another smirk, knowing that he'd gotten under my skin. Again.

"Winner gets a date with either me, or Katie, depending on who you chose." It annoyed me that he offered me up without asking, but not enough to dignify him with a lecture. And besides, I was going to win anyway, so no one would be going on a date with me.

"Tucker, you fucker. What if I don't want a date with you?" He smirked at my confidence and looked up as he dealt the last card.

"Oh, but you do. You just don't have the guts to ask me." He blew me a kiss and smiled crookedly.

"That's bullshit and you know it, Tucker." I scowled.

"Ooh. Defensive." Since I was sitting too far away to smack him across the back of the head like I usually would have done, I decided to play along with his game. And anyway, I like being unpredictable.

I gave him my best seductive smile (and trust me, it was pretty good, if the lust-filled eyes of all his mates were anything to go by) and he glanced at me uncertainly. "Well if I don't win, I really hope you do." I let my tongue slip out a little and stared at his lips. I could feel the glare of the Tucker-lover beside me.

Tucker caught on to me quicker than I would've hoped, seeing as lying is supposed to be like breathing to me. "Bullshit." He grinned, successfully calling my bluff. That irked me. Is my ability fading or is he just really good at calling bluffs too?

I decided upon the latter when about fifteen minutes later, there were only five of us left and Tucker had quite brilliantly (not that I'd ever say that out loud) displayed his uncanny ability to both bluff and detect a lie. Seriously, no one has ever called bullshit on me when I've actually been bullshitting, until now. Stupid, lean jock. Hot, but stupid.

"Bullshit." I smiled casually. Finally, he called my bluff wrong.

"Looking forward to that date, Tuck." I said sweetly, pushing the pile of cards towards him. He shot me a disbelieving look and flipped over the top card, scowling when he realised I wasn't lying. I blew him a kiss.

By this stage, people had gotten bored and slunk off to the sides of the room to do their own thing. Miss Greene still hadn't come back and it was likely that she'd gone home, completely forgetting about us. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if we had to stay the night in this dingy classroom.

Twenty minutes later found Tucker and I battling it out for the prize. Not that either of us wanted the prize that badly. I, for one, just wanted bragging rights. Tucker picked up the current pile after I'd called his bluff, and I could tell he was beginning to get a bit frustrated.

So was I actually, but I did a better job of hiding it. We had about the same amount of cards, and it had been that way for almost fifteen minutes. We were an equal match and both too stubborn and proud for own good.

I frowned in concentration, trying to figure out what to lead with. It had to be something that would put him in a pickle.

"Hurry the fuck up." Tucker growled. I smiled at him, taking pleasure in his frustration.

"I'm trying to figure out what I should do with you on our date." I said cheekily. "I was thinking I could make you clean my room. It's getting pretty dusty and I swear I saw a mouse the other night." I didn't, of course, but he didn't need to know that.

"Bullshit." He growled. Damn him. I scowled at him and he grinned. Bugger, I should know better than that by now. I chewed on a piece of my hair and slowly put three cards face down.

"Three fives." I announced, letting the strand of red-brown hair fall back in place. Then Tucker did something very unexpected: he grabbed my hand before I could lift it off the table. My eyes widened and I looked at him slowly.

He smiled. Like, for real. I felt my heart beat speed up and my breaths shorten. But I pretended to be unaffected.

"You know, I think you're beautiful." I saw what he was trying to do: he was trying to make me give in to his charm and let him win. For some reason I felt a little disappointed when I realised this, and even though I knew it was fake, my hand still felt hot and tingly. Hell, I could almost feel a blush coming, but I fought it down because Katie Krayon does not blush.

"Bullshit, you do." I whispered, turning my hand around and caressing the inside of his. I saw his eyes widen and laughed triumphantly – internally, of course. I wouldn't want to give myself away.

He threw me a crooked grin, realising what I was up to. I felt by heart skip a beat and mentally told it to get a grip on itself. Katie Krayon does not get flustered. "Wanna call it a tie and go out on a date anyway?" He said in his sexy voice.

Katie Krayon is not easily seduced, I reminded myself. Get a grip, Katie. I grinned. "Only if we get to make out." I could feel his hand, which was still on top of mine by the way, tense, and I grinned even more. That's much better.

Tucker stood up, still holding my hand, and walked around the table slowly. I turned in my seat, slightly afraid of what he was up to, but definitely not showing my fear. Katie Krayon is not afraid of stupid jocks like Tucker.

He brought my hand to his mouth and kissed it lightly. "Anything for you princess." I rolled my eyes. I'd had enough with this game.

"That was just plain corny." I told him, shoving him away slightly and putting my cards down. He chuckled. Since when does Tucker Brady chuckle? I thought he was only ever capable of mocking laughs.

I froze suddenly, feeling is breath tickling my ear and his hands massaging my shoulders. "Relax, Katie. You're all tense." He whispered. I think I really did blush that time, but he didn't see it so it didn't matter. What was wrong with me? I never blush!

"You would be too if someone with unbelievably bad breath was standing this close and talking right up your nose." I said as sweetly as I could, turning my head to smile up at him.

Amusement danced in his eyes and even I was willing to admit this was more fun than playing some stupid card game.

"Bullshit." I could hear the mirth in his voice and I giggled. Get a hold of yourself, Katie! Katie Krayon does not giggle. Katie Krayon does not blush. Katie Krayon is not easily charmed. And yet, in the space of just twenty minutes, Tucker had managed to defy all three facts.

"You calling my bluff?" I murmured. For some reason we were talking in whispers now.

"Yeah." He breathed. I crinkled my nose in mock disgust.

"Smell for yourself." I muttered. In my mind, he'd quickly jump back, smell his breath, and then look at a smirking me, realising he'd been tricked, because actually his breath smells really nice and I didn't really understand how he could get it to smell that good. Not that I'd ever tell him that.

But, he only chuckled again. What happened to all the smirks? "You look cute when you crinkle your nose like that." He said, tweaking my nose lightly. I was shocked, honestly shocked, and Katie Krayon was never shocked.

I blinked a few times. Was I dreaming, or was Tucker really hitting on me?

"Tucker, you fucker. Are you trying to charm my pants off?" I asked in a bored tone, waiting for that familiar smirk. But he just grinned his crooked grin.

"Maybe." I smiled slightly in amusement, making sure he couldn't see it. Tucker leant down slowly, bringing his lips to my neck. and I honestly think he could feel the hairs on my neck stand up, because he chuckled again. "Is it working?" He whispered.

"No." I'd like to say I said it confidently, but it came out as more of a hoarse whisper. Damn that stupid jock. He chuckled. What's with all the chuckling?

"Bullshit." He said again. Maybe my lying days really are over. I could feel my neck and face heating up, and my palms started getting slightly damp. Katie Krayon does not get flustered. I wanted out of this situation, and I wanted out now.

I turned around all the way in my seat so that I was straddling it, facing a startled, but smug Tucker. I ran my hands down his chest slowly and smiled when I felt him shiver a little. I kneeled on the seat and stuck one hand behind his neck, the other on his chest. I pulled his head down so that his ear was level with my mouth.

I nibbed his earlobe gently. "You'll never charm the pants off me, Tucker Brady." I whispered. Then I shoved him into the table behind, picked up my bag and began walking towards the little window, hoping it would be unlocked so I could play the hero and bust us out of this joint.

No such luck though. "Running away?" An amused voice said into my ear. I squeaked and turned around quickly, 'accidentally' whipping Tucker in the eye with my hair. Luckily, that drew attention away from the fact that I had just squeaked. It's not something I usually do. Just thinking about it made me blush again.

Unfortunately, Tucker recovered quickly and seemed to remember my squeak. "Am I making you uncomfortable?" I could hear the smug triumph in his stupid voice, because everyone knows Katie Krayon does not get uncomfortable.

"No." I said firmly. He chuckled.

"Bullshit, Katie. Stop lying to yourself. You know you want me." Okay, I had to draw the line now. I narrowed my eyes at the arrogant asshole and pointed a finger at his chest.

"Listen here, Tucker. You think you're some big hot shot. Reality check, Tuck: I don't like you, and I never will. Katie Krayon is not easily charmed, so stop trying." I tried to push past him, but he stopped me.

"You still owe me a date." I frowned.

"Na-ah. We tied." I whined.

"Yea, so we both get a date with each other. That makes two lovely nights I get to spend in your company." He grinned that crooked grin of his.

"Well, since neither of us want a date with the other, why don't we just call the whole thing off?" To be honest, the thought of two dates with this hunky spunk made me drool, but I didn't want him to know that.

"Who says I don't want a date with you?" My lie detector seemed to have stopped working because for some reason it didn't seem to think a 'bullshit' was in call. I frowned lightly.

"You don't like me, Tucker. You never have." He only smiled, genuinely.

"Who says? Maybe I do. Maybe I always have." That couldn't be right, and even though the lie detector inside me wasn't buzzing, I called his bluff anyway. But I wasn't so sure this time. That irked me; I'm the bullshit queen, how can I not be sure? I'm always right when it comes to calling someone's bluff.

"Bullshit." I whispered, hoping, but not hoping, that I was wrong and he really did like me. But he just smirked.

"You're just scared to admit how much you want me, too." He was right on the money there, only I'd never admit it. Not even to myself. It was the 'too' bit that got me. God that made my insides squirm.

"Bullshit." I said again, trying to sound confident.

"Really? Is it?" I hesitated. Was it? Damn him for making me doubt myself. He took my hesitation to mean no and arrogantly took another step forward, which would have been fine if there was space to take a step. As it was, I ended up stuck between the classroom wall and the arrogant asshole. How I wish I could walk through walls.

I looked up at him, feeling both claustrophobic and cozy at the same time. He reached a hand up to caress my cheek, grazing my bottom lip with his thumb. I stopped breathing.

He leant down slowly. So, so slowly. I was itching all over to get a piece of him so, to my surprise, I found myself muttering, "Tucker, you fucker. Hurry up." He smirked. Ah, finally, it returns to grace his oh so lovely features. Then he closed the gap and kissed me softly.

I wrapped a leg around his torso and he grabbed it, pulling it tighter. He slid his hand up my thigh, pushing up my skirt, while the other hand worked wonders in my hair. I don't really remember where my hands were but I get the feeling one of them had decided to linger down his happy trail because he jerked a little, but kept kissing me.

"BUSH TUCKER!" His mates decided to below, and the whole room burst out in whistles, claps and laughter. Tucker grinned sheepishly, but I decided I didn't really care.

I wrapped my arms behind Tuck's neck, making sure the crowd could see both my middle fingers, and fiercely pulled Tuck's head back down for another kiss. Screw the PDA rule: I don't think I could've waited that long for Miss Greene to get back, almost half an hour later, screwing up her strangled turtle face and flushing.

"I'm so sorry. I got held up because Mr Bl – " She broke off because I'd squeaked and she turned to give me a mouthful but stopped when she saw that I was trying to swat Tucker off my neck.

"Now who's got a crush on him?" I think she thought she was pretty clever because I saw her smirk, but I just laughed in her face.

"Me. Duh." Miss Greene frowned again, looking flustered, and Tucker smirked.

"I told you." He said.

"Whatever." I grumbled. He laughed and spun me around and out the door, kissing me gently on the forehead.